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Well, if people WILL sell off beautiful older BJDs for cheap . . .
. . . how can I be expected to resist?

Introducing Nini, a Customhouse Shaman Varim from 2005, on the old CH girl body that I love so much. She's one of only a handful of Shaman Varims, I think, unless CH sold a bunch of them in Korea:

Not quite so old, but underappreciated by the general BJD public, as I think all CH dolls are: Simone, the Unique Happy Wedding Miya from 2007.

While I'm on the theme of Customhouse and its friends & relations, I have to say that I'm quite pleased with Eunmi, the Dollcatch Erenne that I ordered in May and that arrived a couple of weeks ago. I know Dollcatch has pretty well destroyed its own reputation by now, but I have to wonder whether some of the badmouthing about quality issues is exaggerated because people are mad about the wait times. Eunmi is a beauty--full of character and life right out of the box--and despite what people are posting in various places, the seamlines are no more prominent than on any other unsanded doll I have. Plus, isn't this a nice company faceup?

Please to be excusing the nassssssty flassssshessss, because this has been a freakishly dark and wet August out here in the midsection.

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Nini is a cutie! I love the eyes you have in her. I dont think i ever saw that mold before.

The dollcatch girl is beautiful, her lips are yummy.
That sweater is gorgeous, did you make it?

It's funny--I'm knitting a sweater a lot like that blue one right now (teeny-tiny gauge, pattern from FDQ quite a while back)! But the one in the picture is from Dollmore . . . they can certainly crank 'em out faster and cheaper than I can. *_*

Heeeeyyyy, my Sadol goodies came, and I LOVE them!! I'm going to PP you some postage money, though, because you shouldn't have to eat that cost, so there.

I've never seen the first girl before. They are all very cute, but I like her a lot. Congrats on your buys!

She's an oddball, that's for sure! I remember seeing the pictures on the CH website, and thinking that that had to be the ugliest doll head I had ever seen--CH never did take flattering pictures of most of its dolls, jeez.

Congrats on the new additions! Woot! Eunmi is very pretty!

(When I gonna get some Daisy spam?)

Daisy and my camera aren't buddying up very well, !@#*$! But Lisa got some fabulous pictures of her when she was here over the summer . . . hmmm, we need to whap those out of her, don't we?? ;-)

I love the new girls! I'm so glad someone is a real collector and is actually interested in the rare and interesting dolls of the past -- I'm always surprised by how undervalued most rare older dolls seem to be.
Eunmi *does* have a very nice faceup.

The whole secondary BJD market thing baffles me . . . I can't see ANY pattern to the way prices run these days. I'm sorry that so many people are losing big money when they sell older dolls, but boy, am I ever having a good time!

Yup, I think Dollcatch deserves a few props. They aren't fast, but they do nice work.



I love Eunmi, those Droprops are perfect in her and she does have a very lovely faceup. CH values are in the dumpster now, just horrid, I've been reeeeaally torn by two boys that have been FS forever in the marketplace, but TG I have no dolly dollars right now. The Miya is sweet, I love that face and you probably saved Judith from being tempted, so you can view that acquisition as an act of mercy.

LOL, YES! Cynthia saved me. xD I still have those emails from Marina in my inbox!

HAH, Judith!! Well, if Clementine ever decides that she desperately needs a sister, you know where Simone is living. (Though she seems to be glommed onto Pen pretty tightly--I don't know that she will want to consider moving! ;-)

BTW, just wait till you see how *our* Bin is going to look, very, very soon . . . he's with Ravendolls right now.

Ooooooo, which two boys? the Prayer Cyn and the Chowon, by any chance? (Guess which threads I'm subscribed to, heh . . . )

LOL, Chowon and Sram, but I think the Sram is gone.

I missed the Sram--boy, I haven't seen one of those up for sale in ages! And that's an awfully cute Chowon, with his default faceup and all . . . the price started out too high for current CH values, but it does seem to be going down now.

I so wish I could shake one of the first-release Hans or Rocks (or both) out of the trees.

Well of course you can't resist! Congrats C, well done!

Ah and you have the lovely Simone - brilliant. I love those green eyes in her.

Sometimes I think I should just move to the UK, and then we could all pass CH dolls from hand to hand more conveniently . . .


I think the green eyes are a pretty good choice--I see that I don't have them positioned very well in this picture, but the color really perks up that lovely faceup. (whyyyyyyyy did CH choose too-large washed-out gray blue for her defaults? Argh!)

(Deleted comment)
Sometimes I think I'm going to wind up with every unloved early CH doll in North America . . . but there are worse fates, right?

Oooo, I'll have to track down that company--I'm so out of touch with a lot of the new startups! The CH mouth style is a thing of beauty, yup.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, it's THEM! *happydance* I have indeed been looking at them--there's something really interesting about the Blue Blood heads, and I find myself curious about how the sculpting will evolve. And you're right . . . it's some flavor of Customhouse that I'm reacting to, oh, yeah.

I wish I could say the same for the boys that Dollcatch has released, but so far they do nothing for me:

I've never seen her before. She was meant to go to you I think!

Isn't she wonderfully weird? I feel as if I've finally nailed one wig and eye combo for her--now I just have to buy more Louise Brooks bobs with matching eyes, hee!

ONG she is just adorable! I love those eyes in her!! Nini
are her ears magnetic??
Simone is so dreamy .. the old CH is so missed right now
I THink Dollcatch kinda looks like CH. that default faceup is lovely

The ears are even stranger than magnetic--I really need to take them off and post some pictures, for the sake of BJD history. They're on curved stems, with little pegs at the end of each stem. The pegs plug into holes drilled where ears would usually be sculpted, the stems lie along the curve of the head, and with a little wig fiddling the whole arrangement is surprisingly solid.

Apparently Dollcatch is a sister company (child company?) of CH--they use the new-style CH bodies with these new headmolds.

It's funny, I remember the older dolls including the lovely Customhouse (spend a bit of time browsing their old webpages). Your girls are very pretty.

It's the new ones that I'm not familar with, Eunmi is quite lovely! I think it's how you can tell how long someone has been collecting, by how much patience they have with companies. And it's sad how angry some people are over known manufacturing effects. I think it's part of why I've been staying away from on-line stuff.

Congrats on the beauties!

I'm so sorry that I didn't save a lot of pictures from the "old" CH website--I spent so much time mooning over their Uniques and Limiteds, but all those beautiful images are gone, gone, gone. *sigh*

And I think you're right: the complaints aren't coming from anyone who's been around long enough even to have heard of the days when the only way to get a BJD was to wait for Volks to dole out one or two to Doll & Hobby Shoppe. I still feel like a noob most of the time, but at least I have some context to put recent BJD developments into!

I am so glad you got that Miya. When Marina was selling her, I did everything within my power to NOT get her. She is so pretty, and I am VERY VERY happy that you ended up with her!

Hee! She would look beautiful with Clementine . . . but maybe they'll just have to meet up one of these days. ;-)

I am planning on spending my money on trips instead of stuff. :D Perhaps Chez Cynthia will be next... ;)

Clementine does have a sister - Rosalind! But I'm sure that her long lost sister sent to England for boarding school over a scandal may come out of the woodwork...!! (I blame the crazy storylines on the cold.)

Do you know what you're going to name her? :D

Man, you have NO IDEA just HOW excited I am that you have her! I was seriously waffling over this so hard because I didn't want her to go to just anyone. :D

I'm pretty sure that I'll stick with Simone--Marina doesn't mind if I keep the name, and it really does suit her. Besides, my CH girls all get more-or-less French names, starting with Claudine; no reason why, but there we are!

Ahhhhhhh, how did I forget about Rosalind? Because I have a sinus infection, that's why. Blargh. What is this, LJ friends' sick season?

Speaking of crazy storylines, see what the attraction in Kansas is for Simone?

Oh, these girls are pure delight!! (And *squee* at Nini in particular -- catgirls are my particular weakness! *bounce*)

And speaking of lovely CH dolls . . . I finally managed to get a Choa head (after years of yearning), and she's off with sdink for a face-up. Sadly, I can't put her on the lovely old-CH body, because she's from shortly after they changed their resin color, but I have a body in mind. I can't WAIT to see how she turns out!

*rejoices in your glorious resin-indundation*

-- A :D

Oooooooo, you have a Choa at last!!!! Hooray, hooray, hooray!! What body are you thinking about for her?

*awwwwww* for the lovely icon-Mau! I never thought I would have a catgirl, but who could possibly pass up this CH funny-face with the goofy detachable ears?

I'm going to put her on an SD13 body, at least for the moment (it's my shared body between a few floating heads) . . . I may see if she's a resin match for the DoT female body, or I may just keep her on the SD13. (I am not a fan of the new CH body, so I'd been holding out for an old full-doll Choa or a newer Choa head -- I'm so glad that I finally got lucky!)

*glows with shared CH love*

And, seriously -- Nini is so incredibly cute :D

Is that her original face-up? I've never seen anything quite like her -- what year did she come out? (Ohhhhh, I continue to *fume* that CH doesn't maintain an archive of older dolls/photos on their site, because they have such a rich history and I'd love to see it collected in an easily-accessible place! And I saved the pictures of Queen Nitocris and her court a few computers ago, and have no idea where they are anymore. *sniff!*)

-- A /rambling ^___^

Yup, that's the default Shaman Varim faceup, though the previous owner did tweak the eyes a little (more dark liner and those wild glam-girl eyelashes)! I'm pretty sure that the Shaman Varims were released in the winter of 04-05, just before the first of the CH "reorganizations"--roughly in the same time frame as St. Mina and Demian, and the Event Ai Jung and Nyll sculpts.

I'm fuming along with you--I can't believe that CH has destroyed all its recorded history (I mean, surely the artists have kept images of their own work??!!), but why on earth won't they make some kind of archive available on the website? They can't be *that* bandwidth-poor, jeez! (I lost all the pictures I had saved during one or another of my computer crashes, too. grrrrrr)

An SD13 body seems like a good compromise! Hmmmm, I wonder whether Choa would look melonheaded on the Shinydoll Thaasa II body . . . probably so. I don't hate the newer CH body, but I don't love it, either; even basic posing is really hit-or-miss (Simone and Eunmi are both on the new-style body. Eunmi sits and poses really well, but Simone needs propping. WHYYYYYY??).

I so desperately wish that I'd had money then -- that was right around the time I was getting into BJDs (although I hadn't discovered CH yet), but my finances didn't get sorted out until 2007. (Thus why I don't have Choa & Chowon & Woosoo, three of my early dream dolls, just due to bad timing -- although I just responded to someone's feeler on a Woosoo head, there may still be hope!)

Choa is going to look melonheaded on just about anything (because she is an adorable melonhead, hehe), but she seems to look best on bodies with thicker necks. The main issue is the resin match -- she looks AWFUL on the old-CH body that Kitsuko lives on, not-good on the Soom Gem body that Grail lives on (which is where I'd PLANNED to put her), and not-bad on the Volks SD13 body, which isn't a resin match but at least isn't a dramatic MISmatch. And I mentioned to Cheryl that I was going to put her on a Volks pureskin body, and asked if the blushing tones could reflect that -- so she may look better now that she's stripped of the very pink blushing that she came with.

(And *eeeee* Cheryl says she's done and is just waiting to have pictures taken . . . *massive flailing!*)

I'd love to see a museum-type exhibit (online or in person) of CH's website imagery over the years . . . they have SUCH amazing dolls in their past (Deep Sorrow! *hearts*) that it would really be worth it.

(I can understand that some of their choices may have to do with certain artists leaving them over the years, and not wanting to explain to potential new customers that Anu and Heavybomb and Rolling Pumpkin face-ups and styles can't be replicated . . . but even so, GAH!)

Sorry to hear that Simone isn't sitting well . . . maybe some slight modifications (say, to the stringing holes) would help? I know that it's possible to mod Volks oldskin SD10's and old Hypermaniacs to sit better, I'd think the same thing would be possible with these bodies.


-- A <3

There's a ton of color variation in "old" CH resin, too--just in the dolls I have, Pen is on the yellow end of the spectrum, while Claudine is peachy. So doing any kind of resin matching is a crapshoot, or a big-game hunt depending on your mood. ;-)

Heyyyyyy, as Michelle and I have noticed, there's a lovely all-default Chowon in the DoA Marketplace right now . . . I'm just saying . . .

*falls over* *UNF!*

That Chowon girl that Cauldroness just sold is *exquisite* . . . wah!

I really, REALLY shouldn't be buying more dolls right now (I'm a little overextended with the heads as it is), but it's good to know that these lovelies are still out there! :D

(My California trip drained my bank account by quite a bit, and if I'm going to do the travel I have planned for the rest of the year, I need to focus on maintaining rather than buying, and possibly selling one more doll/head -- but dolls that come to me tend to stay with me!!)

Thanks for the heads-up, though!! :D

-- A <3

What a lovely and distinctive trio. I seriously love the Erenne. Is it me or does she have a Custom House flavor as well?

Oh, I think she definitely has a CH flavor--it's as if the CH sculptors had one eye on the classic CH girl heads, and the other eye on the trend toward realistic heads. That, plus the fact that Dollcatch uses the new-style CH body, really does make me believe what people are saying, that CH and Dollcatch are closely related companies. I almost wonder whether CH is planning to spin off all the 60cm dolls to Dollcatch, and focus entirely on the minis and tinies--that seems to be where all of their energy is, these days.

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