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Um. Er.
Confession time: the bevy of CHish cuties in the previous post doesn't make up the entire group of recent arrivals.


This is Douro. Unless his name turns out to be Cho. I'm having a bit of a struggle in the name department.

Can you Spot That Sculpt? There may be prizes! ;-)

He is an artist sculpt (head and body).

He was not ordered through a shopping service, or from Yahoo!Japan.

He is wearing Iplehouse Y.I.D. clothes. (Hey, I never said all the clues would be helpful!)

He will soon be unavailable, because the artist is working on new dolls.

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Is he a lumedoll?

Congrats whatever the cutie is!

And we have our first winner! He is indeed a Lumedoll . . . but which one? :)

Would Frani like either of these? (The hot-pink one can also be turned around and worn as a henley.)

Wow, not a doll I'm familiar with, but he's very striking! :D

-- A <3

Ain't he just? It took me a few days to find the right look for him (not to mention clothes that would fit that skinny, long-legged body), but I think we're getting there at last.

Hey, speaking of catdolls: did you see the Volks Baron that was on eBay last week? The auction looked a bit fishy (*koffkoff*), but if it really was a legit sale of a Baron, I wish someone had snapped him up.

Is it Izar? He's lovely. And the body is difficult to guess. I'd say Shinydoll if they ever made a boy body, but I'm wondering if it's not a Domuya Perennial boy.

Oh duh, he's on his default body! Plainly, not enough caffeine today. I think I can pants him. We should talk.

(Deleted comment)
absolutely love him!!You always find such classic gems!! LOVE!!!!

These artist dolls KILL me--you know all about my Saiki mania, and now here's another person sculpting odd, intense faces. GUH.

He's sure handsome, whatever sculpt he is, LOL! Love the first pic!

That one's my favorite, too!

It's so funny--here you are, gravitating toward the EID hunks, and I'm heading in the direction of skinny and lanky. Don't you love the variety available in BJDs these days? What an amazing hobby . . .

(Deleted comment)
He is, he is, he is! I'm so glad I took the plunge and ordered him before Eva discontinued most of the heads--now, I have to decide whether I want a Bellatrix before the end of the year. What to do, what to do??

Soooooo, would Ms. Emma wear the hot-pink sweater in the comments post above? It can also be turned around and worn as a henley, with the placket in front . . . or there might be something else here that she'd like, once I get it finished (we're close!) . . .

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(Deleted comment)
That's it exactly! Because the other dolls I have who wear this wig (and they aren't fond of sharing it, let me tell you) are Atsumori and Mally Lee. I think there's something fae and wild about both the Saint and the Bella Auden faces:

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