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Belated introduction: Customhouse St, Mina, ver. 2
Ever have a doll you liked so much you couldn't manage to take pictures? These still don't do the lovely creature justice, but at least they're a start.

This is Injeong, a lucky eBay find over the winter. She came with a horrible faceup (including gloppy Pepto-Bismol-pink lip paint), but also with the original special Dollmaster-release box, all her paperwork, and a copy of the Dollmaster DVD, which I had never seen. AmyAngel redid her face for me, and I think Amy really captured the "old CH" look that I was hoping for.

I was calling her "India" when she had the pink lipstick, but when she came home with her new face, she looked so perfectly Korean that I had to change the name. Granted, the Dollshe Aluminum eyes don't look as Korean as the rest of her, but I figure goddesses get to tinker with their eye color for fun.

Injeong's hanbok is from Sonokong, made back when they released the Rheia doll. I know this wig isn't quite right for a Korean traditional style, but it's as close as I could get with the wigs I have around the house right now.

Outtake (!@#*#$&!^ stray hairs!!):

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maybe she's half? My mom's eyes are very very light green, although when she's mad they turn kind of creepy yellow. XD;;

OMG, I want to see your mom's Mad Eyes! (Actually, I'd really like to see her not-mad eyes, too--they sound beautiful.)

I've been reading a mystery series set in North Korea, and one of the interesting background points is just how much traffic goes back and forth between the Korean peninsula and the Asian mainland (the former-Soviet-Union parts as well as the Chinese parts). In the far northern rural areas, at least as this series has it, it's tough to sort the Koreans from the Siberians from the northeastern Chinese--there must be some interesting (and pretty) genetic combinations.

I was kind of fascinated, this past semester, to find that one of the three Korean students in my afternoon remedial-writing class had both a Chinese name and what looked like Chinese features/build to me. I would never have pegged him as Korean, especially next to the two typically Korean-looking kids.

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She is really stunning, that faceup is so natural and perfect!

Echoing batchix, there's a Korean actress Go Ara who has natural green eyes:

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Oh, wow, isn't she gorgeous?! And those are knockout eyes . . . hmmmm, don't they look like Dollshe Field Grey (which are SO NOT GREY)?

Genetic variation, proximity of the northeast Asian mainland, yup. Aluminum eyes, justified! *snerk*

Eeeee, congratulations!! And she really did capture the "old CH look" very nicely! :D

She's a lovely treasure, and I'm so happy she's come home to you ^__^

(Hey, I used to run Andi's Home for Wayward DJs . . . maybe you're running Cynthia's CustomHouse Refuge?)

-- A :D

That is exactly what I'm running!! To the point where I really have to stop and think before pouncing on yet another older CH doll. For example, do I NEED that punky Sia on eBay right now? Or would Claudine feel her space was being invaded, and run her off in short order?

Augh, she's gorgeous! Congratulations!

It pisses me off so much that the knockoffs/recasts have tainted this lovely doll. I'm glad you found the real thing and are showcasing her as she deserves.

ETA: not being able to take pics - that's my problem with Bitte! It's like I can't properly look at her through the camera, I'm so distracted by her sitting there in real life. I can't distance my eye, if that makes sense. So pics never, ever do her justice.

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Oh, I've given up on trying to take pictures of Grail--he eludes the camera every time. Maybe it's a Hyper thing?? Camera-shy celebrities . . .

I'm pissed off along with you--and on top of the knockoffs/recasts, CH's collapse has tainted the wonderful early dolls even more. I wish this hobby had more of a sense of its own history; one thing I love about Volks is that both the company and its loyal customers really are invested in knowing, remembering, and preserving at least some of the early work.

I will admit that I held my breath after winning the auction for Injeong, until she arrived; the auction smelled right to me, and usually I'm on target with those things, but the pictures in the listing were pretty bad. With all those knockoff/recasts on the market, I couldn't be SURE until I dug into the outer box and found all the original ephemera.

She is so completely lovely! I didn't see the other faceup, of course, but this one enhances her beauty and does not cover it. The other from how you described it must have diminished her looks.

I can never take a photo of the image I see though the view hole. I makes me sad ;_;

The faceup she came with was worse up close than in pictures (the pink glop! the smeary eyeliner! the horror!), but this will give you an idea:

I am completely thrilled with the way she turned out!

(Deleted comment)
I see some Mongol in the "D" face, don't you? Something about the breadth of the mask, across the cheekbones. In my mind, Sejong is from the far northern frontier of the peninsula, where the tribes move freely and governments don't have much reach or influence.

If, as I suspect, Injeong is a royal incarnation of Gwanse-eum, the Merciful One, Sejong will have to settle down and be a loyal general for her armies. I don't think he'll mind too much. ;-)

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
She's really very lovely, and I like the eyes!

*poke poke* Wanna see your Mina!! *POKE*

She is really beautiful, Cynthia! Probably the prettiest St. Mina I've ever seen. :) Love her hanbok; it suits her so perfectly!

Awwwwww,thanks--I really am in love with her, myself! I was just a little sorry that she was the version 2 instead of the first "sad Mina," but now that she's all spiffed up, I wouldn't want her to be different in any way.

Beautiful girl :) You do have some lovely dolls. I envy your skill in locating these exceptional finds on ebay.

What is the name of the series you are reading? I'm always on the lookout for new books.

Back at you--just think about all the time I've spent following you around and picking up dolls and doll things you decided to part with! ;) But yup, I'm the first to admit that I have a streak of dolly luck. Or maybe I just have no dolly impulse control when I see something good . . .

The mysteries I've been reading are the Inspector O series, by James Church (a pseudonym--the author is supposed to be a former intelligence agent who spent a lot of time in Asia). I usually don't care much for the terse hardboiled kind of detective thriller, but these really grabbed me. Another good series, though longer-winded: Qiu Xiaolong's Inspector Chen series, set in Shanghai.

oh wow she is SOOOO Pretty. oh wow. I love St Mina's NOSE -- on both versions! this was a wonderful ebay capture indeed.

wow. I love her.

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