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Having one of those "Wow, my dolls are pretty!" moments.
I mean, come on. Tierney the School C in big hair? PRET-TY.

(Yes, the sweater is in the shop,

In other good news, the Pharaoh's stuff--at least some of it--is definitely coming along to rejoin him, so we can foresee at least an approximately Pharaonic photoshoot one of these days. Woo! and hoo!

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She is verra cute!

How about some Dollshe sized sweaters? Just sayin'....

It's funny--my Etsy customers really go for the SD-sized girl stuff, but boy sweaters in any size tend to sit and sit and sit. I'm mulling over some Dollshe ideas, but until I start getting some movement on the two Dollshe pieces I already have up, I'm not sure I'll dig in and work on more.

The irony is that I suspect I would sell more 70cm stuff if I had, like, a Dollzone Yuu to model.

I would love a Dollshe sweater-vest!!!!

Got one in the shop right now, but it may not be what you have in mind:

I like making vests--need to come up with some more ideas for them!

Total awesomesauce all around!!!

(Awww, Tierney. <3 She is so different from Kira's Rosalind!)

I love that Head-of-a-Thousand-Faces quality of the School C--I've never seen two that really even looked remotely the same.

I'm thinking that Dare may have to take back his name of Paraho_Manere (Manny for short) after all . . . it honestly is a great name, and "Manny" is just dorky enough to be cute.

I'm still kind of stuck on Dare (with possibly something like Adaric Pharaoh Manere as a full name!), but that may partly be because I'm a "Black Books" fan, and Dare looks NOTHING like what I envision when I think of the name "Manny"! ;D

(If you like British comedy, I highly recommend "Black Books" -- it regularly has me HOWLING with laughter!!)


Adaric Pharaoh Manere . . . I'm liking it! (And I'll put "Black Books" on the fun list for summer, yum.)

Random thought: I am still goofy enough to be charmed by the oldskool Babelfish Engrish that (in my mind) is an integral part of the BJD experience. Omiclon instead of Omicron. Paraho instead of Pharaoh. I remember, when I first started browsing Y!J, Babelfish once transmogrified "Chris" into "Clith," and now I will never look at my Chris without thinking of him as a Clith.

I still send people e-mails with things like "Hello lovely Jola!", because I was always so pleased to receive e-mails from BJD companies that started out with "Hello lovely Andrea!" :D

I am similarly goofy, I guess. And I would still give my eyeteeth for an Omiclon!


Hee! I love her so much that I bought her twice . . . I had a mad impulse to thin the herd four or five years ago, and sold this very head. Two owners later, she popped up for sale on eBay, still with her adorable faceup, and I decided I missed her enough to buy her back. Not such a huge hobby we're in, sometimes!

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that sweater is as fabulous as all of your other sweaters are. I REALLY like that pattern. Great color combinations.

Oh, hey, that is the same old same old biscuitbear SD cardigan pattern! I added a simple four-stitch cable to the center of each sleeve & each front piece, and decreased for a V-neck instead of the jewelneck in the pattern. No other changes. The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy, from Yarn Barn in Lawrence.

I knew that sweater pattern had even more potential than just a good basic cardigan. I'll have to see what I can do with it. Fun.

Re: Sweater potential

I really only use five patterns on a regular basis . . . that one, the Elizabeth Zimmermann percentage system (knitted in the round), your top-down shrug, the old Scotty Maloney freebie shell, and the Laura Gilkey dress pattern. Almost every pullover I make is either EZ in the round or the biscuitbear cardigan knitted with two backs instead of a back and two fronts. I'm not much of a creator-from-scratch, but give me a reliable basic pattern, and I can tinker with it to kingdom come. ;-)

She is a sweetiepie! Who did her lovely faceup?

Squee! How awesome that The Pharaoh will be reunited with some of his original pieces. Whoo and hoo indeed! :D

I never did know who painted that faceup--I bought the head on eBay to begin with, and the seller (can't even remember who that was, now) didn't mention a faceup artist's name. The style isn't quite distinctive enough (and I don't spot faceup styles well, anyway) for me to be able to identify it, but whoever did the work was quite good.

And would you believe, Seller X is just sending me the Pharaoh stuff out of the goodness of her heart--didn't even try to gouge me for more money. My lack of faith in human nature is being punished, and I'm not complaining.

School c's are love!!! Simply the awesome!! :)

Aren't they? What a great head--the Volks sculptors were really on their game when they came up with it.

Awwww, she is adorable, and I love her *big hair*.:3 the style looks perfect with her sweet face. How wonderful got her back like that, wow!

the pretty sweater you made just adds to her adorableness. <3

I still can't believe that I sold her in the first place, and then that I was lucky enough to spot her for sale later on! What a weird hobby this is--the Circle of Dolly Life is a funky, funky thing sometimes.

Case in point: the Shiro Tachibana girl that I recently bought on DoA originally belonged to celticgeekess. Both of my tan CH guys originally belonged to pacific_rin--something I didn't know until a day or two ago (well, I knew about Flynn all along, but it was a surprise to find out about Dare the Pharaoh). A few years back, there was a pair of eyes that made a complete circle through celticgeekess, Merangel, three or four other people I knew, and then back to me.

I kind of enjoyed the closeness of that stage of the hobby, you know? And it's why I treasure having a circle of friends who buy and sell stuff; it's fun to know that things I've enjoyed are going to somebody I feel warmly about. (Waving to a certain Bermann we both know!!)

*Lucent waves back* ^____^

I am so happy I was able to buy him from you, and continue a friendship like this - It is very special for me. Being the shy, awkward person that I am... but you make it easy, C. <3

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*snorfle* Here I was, getting all sentimental about dolly friendships, and then I looked at your picture . . . and I spit tea all over my keyboard! How much did you have to threaten Lucent to make him say hi? He looks like a sulky teenager who's been dragged out of his room to say hello to Aunt Eunice! (But don't tell him I said so--I'm sure he thinks he's being a glamorous Byronic hero. Whose ears don't stick out at all, nope, not one bit.)


I know!!! he would not smile at all, stubborn boy. I kept trying and trying.... ¬_¬

Pretty! Love the wig !!

That wig is INSANE. It was one of Leeke's preorder styles last winter--the color is their seasonal "royal brown" (nothing brown about it, but then they didn't ask me). It has a big poofy 1960s fall in back; I cut off the top of the wig for the shop pictures, because I wanted to emphasize the sweater, but omg . . . Tierney really looks like she's channeling Barbra Streisand, circa 1968. And it's smooth enough that I can manage it; Leeke's really wild curly styles always tangle and frizz on me, because I'm so bad with hair (Even my own).

Wow your doll is pretty! XD
I love the hair, and her outfit.

Awwww, thank you!! That dress is one of cwflyn's--I got it when she still had a shop on Etsy. Hmmmm, I ought to check out her Storenvy shop again, come to think of it . . .

(Deleted comment)
She is, isn't she? (And how I do love it when I hear "she's a duck"--one of my favorite observations of cute lovey sweetness! Not that all the connotations can be put into American . . .)

(Deleted comment)
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