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Need input re: sweater pricing
Sasha Blaze
Hailp, pleeeeeeeeeeease? I truly have no idea what would be reasonable pricing for the BJD sweaters I keep cranking out (yes, yes, pictures to come, but not quite yet). Honestly, if a new website appeared, selling one- or at most two-off handknitted BJD sweaters like these, at what price point(s) would you think hmmmmm, yeah, that's fair, I'm going to spring for one?

Even as I ask, though, I think it might actually be easier just to slap the pictures up and say, "Tell me which one you want and what you want to pay for it, and it's yours." Still--I'm wasting a little time this afternoon, so I thought I'd ask and see what ideas people might have.

1. Mohair-textured synthetic yarn. Back snap closure. Fitted on Yukinojo, but would work for SD13 boys too (sleeves too short for Dollshe).

2. Acrylic body yarn with wool and alpaca accent yarns. Back snap closure. Fitted on Dollshe bodies.

3. Wool/mohair/nylon blend yarn. Pullover style--no closure. The one I just finished is the same as this, only Yukinojo-sized.

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Well, I'm bad with advice, but I'd love the first one (or something similar if it's spoken for) for my new, unnamed boy.

Hang on for the full unveiling in a couple of weeks, because I have lotsa different colors and ideas in that general style . . . ^_^ But you have first dibs on this one if it's still your favorite when you see 'em all!

I love the yarn, and I couldn't believe how well it would match the new SD Lucas' coloring.

Help....he needs a name.

Oh, yargh, aren't names hard??? I can offer some names of students I met for the first time this week . . . let's see, among the ones I can remember, I have a Phong and a Young-Hun and a Toby and a Reuben and a Fei and a Zane and a Garrett and a Jorge and an Abraham and a Raul and a George and a Sean and a Jake and a Reyes and a Bernell . . . oh, yes, and a Carla Joe. Your Lucas doesn't look like a Carla Joe, though. ;-)

HUUUUUUUUUGE congratulations on getting him!!!! *much happy dancing*

Thanks, I'll be dancing once he arrives.

Hmmm, how do you say "money pit" in Japanese?

"Super Dollfie," of course . . . bwahahaha!

Oh, you are a BIG help!

(embarassed I didn't think of that!)

I'd think somewhere in between $15-30 depending on the price of the yarn and how much of a headache it was to stitch. :3 they're soooo CUUUUUUUTE~ *w*

See, that's what I need to know! If they're only worth $15, then frankly I'd rather make them for love and give them away to friends who might value them for friendship's sake (assuming any of my friends would want them, of course). There's at least--and I know I'm lowballing the time here--12-16 hours of work in each of them, leaving aside the cost of materials. Handknitting is a pleasure, but it's a laborious pleasure.

This is purely a curiosity question, and you don't have to answer: how long does it take you to make one of your adorable Hound tees with the screen prints? I can't sew a lick, and I have no clue how much time goes into that process, but I've always wondered.

I usually make a batch at a time so it takes a few hours to cut all of them out, but only about 10 minutes to sew each one. Then when they're all done I do the iron ons, depending on how many I have that takes like half an hour or so. :3

(Deleted comment)
Bingo. Also applause.

Though I have to admit that I'm not even trying to gauge demand or customer preferences; I'm making what I enjoy, to a level of finish that makes me feel satisfied with myself, and while it would be *nice* if other people liked my neo-preppy stuff enough to buy it, that isn't my real motivation. (An aside: despite all my whining and moaning about my job, I am very, very lucky to be able to control so much of my own time, and to be so free from money worries.)

To head off on a tangent-that-really-isn't: and then there are the people on DoA who can't understand why BJDs (another handcrafted item) cost so much, and insist on starting inane repetitive threads complaining about the prices and explaining how the manufacturers SHOULD run their businesses.

I would say $30+ they look like they took a lot of work and fit so nicely :)

Thanks, sweetie--that's a lovely compliment!! Fit is the very devil for BJDs; they're as bad as people when it comes to being quirky and having weird proportions. ;-)

At least $35 and more for the fair isle ones, they are SO much work...

it's so hard to do this, I know! a lot of things I make take around 8-10 hours to make -- then you're like that's $80 please and they think are you NUTS?? LOL... I don't know what to price my shrugs at either. They don't look like they take very long but so far, I think it's around 8 hours.

Oh, hey, I'm not a BIT surprised that the shrugs are taking 8 hours apiece--I'm doing well to finish a whole sweater in a weekend, and that's ignoring all the stuff I *should* be doing (such as grocery shopping, laundry, *koffkoff* class preparation *koffkoff*). What we need are little armies of docile goblins to work for us at night, since the BJDs don't seem to want to help.

*nods and looks guilty*

Please send the goblins/brownies/shoe elves my way once they've cleaned and hoovered your place.

$30 seems fair.

Dollshe! I want sweaters for my boys SO bad. I would even commission some for more money. I would pay $50 for really floppy, over sized ones. Like they would look like they would be lost in them in white for Christian.

I asked a friend of mine over a year ago to make me a sweater for my dolls and told her I would pay her $80. I have the pictures from a Yahoo Japan action. She needed the money... still nothing. So sad. :(

Of course, I'm an idiot with my money. I just want things to make the dolls look real in my photos. A lot of people wouldn't pay as much for clothes like I do. My credit cards show it too. Urk.

If you like, I can send you the picture of the sweater in question. On Yahoo Japan I think it went for $200+. I would have paid that too for the entire outfit. I just didn't have the money at the time! ::WAILS::

ZOMG, there are some amazingly beautiful sweaters on Y!J--there's one knitter whose name just won't come to me right now, who makes gorgeous Cowichan-style cardigans and hoodies, and I just DROOOOOOOOOOL when I see them. I don't feel right about copying what she's doing, but my fingers do kinda itch to try, so maybe I'll dink around with the idea sometime just for myself. And then there's the cardigan that Avvelenato's Hound-in-the-black-eyeglasses is wearing in her website pictures--that one I *am* going to try to copy sometime, if I can put together the right colors of yarn.

And, awwww, I wish your friend had made that sweater for you!! Sadly, I would be the worst commission knitter in the universe: I don't have enough design skillz to try to get details exactly the way somebody else would like them, plus I get all anxious and stressy when I'm working to other people's specs. I'm a lunatic, what can I say . . . ;-)

Oh, I want to show it to you just to see what you think.

What do you think? Isn't it nice?

It came with this poncho thing. Weird I know, but I sort of got attached to it. Aren't the japanese cool in their design sense. I mean, where do they come up with this stuff?

Oh, and I want to share this too...

I like kilts. I know you can't knit a kilt but I thought seeing him in a kilt might make you smile. I hope. :) Whee!!! XD Can you make me HIM? No. Well... BOO on YOU! XD

Hee! No, but I can knit a really nice sweater to, um, enhance him . . .

Gaaaaahhhhh, but I do love seeing men in kilts. Even when they aren't this pretty.

And, hey, I was expecting something technically difficult from the Elusive Dream Sweater, but that's just a basic little Henley neckline thing in a nice ragg yarn. Lemme fiddle a bit when I have time and see what ensues. The poncho is seriously cool, but I don't get the construction, at least on the first viewing; it might be crocheted rather than knitted. Yo, tubbysnuggles? Is that crocheted? Or is it a huge length of knitted cord sewn together in some cunning way? *scratching head and admiring Japanese design sense*

Aren't men in Kilts adorable?


Yeah, I just want the sweater a little looser for my dollshe men and I would love one for my SD13 too. I think the fit is too tight/form fitting. I like sweaters that hang off a little more. You know that sweater that Iplehouse has for Hounds? It's sort of baggy? I like that sort of fit, because it looks like you can snuggle in that. :)

Mmmmm....I cheated and read through the other comments first - but I did already have a price in my head, promise! And I'll tell you, sweets, knitting my own fingers to blood and bone every winter, I appreciate these sweaters fully! I was going to suggest $40. But, obviously that seems high to some folks. But, a hand-knit, custom fitted gloriously coloured sweater...I don't know. I know I would pay $40....and I'm with you, for much less it is just not worth the time/sweat/blisters/neck crik.

You are the bjd knitting queen in my book. And sher gets to be the crochet queen.

Can you just see my angel in a white sweater and black trousers???? *Swoon*

Thank you! Yeah, one of these days I'll wind up paying $200 before fees on Y!J for someone's brilliant BJD sweater that I could probably make myself but don't want to fool with. Alas for my bank account, I don't mind paying for my pleasures. (Also, I look at these fabulously expensive dolls and I just can't bring myself to dress them on the cheap. I'll go to Payless Shoe Source for myself--well, okay, not REALLY, because I have hard-to-fit feet, but still--and the BJDs get, well, the BJD equivalent of Manolo Blahnik.)

Still thinking along these lines, I can't figure out how Tensiya can sell those perfectly-detailed jeans for $30ish. Somebody's being massively underpaid.

Plain white? Ummmmmm, BORING plain white? ;-) You know, though, I know I saw a white yarn just like that red-mix mohair lookalike. At the time, I didn't buy it, because it reminded me too vividly of a polar bear, but . . . hmmmmm, I might run back to the store and see if there's a ball left, just to play with.

I'm bugging Sher to invent a little cropped granny-square cardigan with a cute tie at the front. (No, not for the guys. Not even Etienne.)

I want #2. Seriously, I've been waiting for you to say you're making them for sale.

Ummmmmmm, I think Bel MIGHT have dibs on #2 from when I first posted it, but the two of you can play rock-paper-scissors for it. ;-) Besides, I'm going to do another Icelandicky one with that body color and a different (but still neutral) yoke pattern anyway, heh heh heh.

Oh noes!!!

Shan: :::signing::: when you're ready do let us know. Kapono will pout until then.

me: oh well damn, that means I'll need 2.

Aaaaaaaaand our latest project is a white cable-knit turtleneck! I just realized that, of all things, a vintage Sasha sweater pattern I have can be modified a little and fit BJDs just fine.

I really hate knowing that I will have to turn off the computer, put down the yarn, and start working on my class preparation for the week in about half an hour. *sigh* Earning a living bites.

I was going to say $40, too. I'd rather pay $30, heh, but I'd definitely pay $40 - and yeah, charge more for the Fair Isle.

Orien is a sweater boy. He's waiting for you to start selling stuff. I'm waiting for him to get a job.

How does he feel about laundry work and grocery shopping? Though I suppose we might have a driver's-license issue there . . .

I'm in this insane-squirrel phase of knitting BJD sweaters--it's like I'm storing food for the winter or something, sheesh. There are definitely more to come, because I don't have any major grading coming in before Labor Day.

I will simply whisper close-fitting ribbed turtleneck in chocolate/silver alpaca tweed, Dollshe size and slope off again.

Oh, dear, you evil thing.

I'm all a-giggle at the squirrel image.

I was thinking, you might just want to put some of the sweaters on Ebay at first, with starting bids at $25 maybe - I was mainly thinking this because I'm worried that, if I'm an hour late seeing your sales post when it happens, I'll miss out, kind of like I do with all the damn Orangebabydolly sales.

Feh, don't worry about missing out--unless I've used up the last of whatever-yarn-it-is, I can duplicate anything I'm making right now, given a little time.

This alpaca yarn, kinda like a DollTi boy, is actually not being all that cooperative. Given the choice, I always like to work with wool, because it has such a lovely spring and bounce to it. I'm discovering that, while alpaca feels incredibly sexy in the hand, it doesn't have the elasticity of wool, so in a ribbed pattern it looks a tad forlorn and uneven. I'm hoping that blocking will help in the long run. Ptooey.

Ebay might be a good barometer ... I cannot knit, so I cant really help.
I don't think that anyone really gets back what it costs to make stuff for the dolls. So much time, experimentation and of course dolly love go into each item they really are priceless.

Oh, isn't that the truth! Even the *most* wildly pricey outfits on Y!J can't possibly recoup the sewer's time and costs--because there has to be a huge amount of trial and error behind that multi-piece deconstructed kimono set from black_cat, or whoever.

One of the minor sadnesses of my BJD life was being unable to hang in there on the bidding for a black_cat outfit, a couple of years ago. I saved the pictures, and I mourn over them periodically . . .

Hi ya Cynthia...^^

I knit, crochet, and sew. Knitting takes more time than sewing. I'm not sure who said $15, but they simply don't have a clue about knitting. The multi-colour should cost more (Fair Isle type). I think it depends on the yarn used....mohair, linen, angora, and pima cotton more expensive. Are you doing cabel stitches or other "fancy" stitches? Those cost more.

I would price them by time involved, patterns, and type of yarn.

Yes, you're absolutely right--though sewing still seems very, very, VERY hard to me, mainly because I never learned how to do it by hand and the machine intimidates me.

I may subtract the therapeutic value of doing all these sweaters, even so. I hadn't exactly thought this through in relation to the insane-squirrel knitting frenzy until a few minutes ago, when I was paying for groceries: August and September of this year are the first anniversary of the roughest time in my life. I knitted like a madwoman through that period, too, and I suspect I'm redirecting a fair old amount of grief and anger into the much more pleasant process of imagining and executing BJD knitwear now. Three cheers for sublimation--it has its uses.

Sewing is a piece of cake...seriously! I still think if you can read you can do anything. 9/10s of it has to do with cratmanship, that's all. And the ever powerful iron is a must, too...^^

My bad time is in the springtime. That's when I lost my husband, and best friend to cancer. Was and is still a hard thing. In a way, I guess I know of what you speak. I was going to sew/knit/crochet up a storm. I did to some degree, but I'm bad about taking photos. I love my old SLR and it still takes the most amazing pictures.

At *least* $35-40 for the plain ones, and $40-50 for the Fair Isle styles -- yours are really original and so realistic, you deserve to get paid for your efforts!!

I actually have a proposition for you -- Kira wants her birthday-girl to have a casual style, and she said that she wanted her to have a turtleneck or (preferably) cowl-neck sweater, hip-length, sleeves not too tight at the wrist, in burgundy yarn . . . so I of course thought of you!!

I know you said knitting to specs made you nervous, but a sweater made to fit Etienne would fit an SD13 girl quite well, I think . . . so it wouldn't require changing your pattern. Please let me know ( ) if you're interested?

Yay, dollies in sweaters!! <3

-- A :D

Hi :)

I would tend to agree with Ashbet here on what might be a fair price for your really incredibly gorgeous sweaters. I love all three of them and already have one of my Hounds demanding I buy him one this fall. *laughs* You know how demanding the Dollshe boys can be.

And I agree about the hotness of the kilts. I have irons in the fire to get some of my bjd bishies a kilt . . . my Galen Kirkpatrick (Yukinojo) would look mighty fine in one since he's Scottish anyway, and of course my Hounds, or Bermann or soon to arrive Saint. The possibilities are endless.

PS - Mind if I friend you and have you friend me back?

If your irons don't pan out (to mix the hell out of my metaphors), I'd suggest getting in touch with angldst -- she's a professional fashion designer and historical costumer, and is branching out into BJD clothes. She'd probably have to use a Hound as the model (since she only has one doll, a Miyu, but she could borrow my Hound), but kilts are reasonably free-size anyway, and could probably fit both boys as long as the length was correct.

I don't know for certain that she can make the kilt (she'd passed on making one for her husband because of the amount of material involved, but the fabric needed for a doll-sized one is much more reasonable), but she's at least a good person to check in with :>

Annnnd . . . back on-topic . . . I can't wait to see fall fashion, dolly-style -- I'm plotting some cozy stuff for my crew, a noted departure from my usual slick-Goth-EGA style. Should be fun!!

-- A :D

Thanks so much for letting me know Andi. I will swing by angldst and see if she has hung her shingle out yet for sewing for bjds . . . heh, in particular the Hound sizing. ;)

Need a couple of kilts actually . . .

Ooyeah, friends are always more than welcome!!! Hiya, and omg, Yukinojo in a kilt . . . *swooning at the idea* . . . that might even make my Kanbei look happier (he's one of the glummer Yukinojos I've seen).

More sweaters to come! They're keeping me sane right now. ;-)

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