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The Twin Project: Curtain Up!
Sasha Blaze

Such beautiful faces . . .

thelyn has done an amazing job with this pair--I couldn't be happier with them! Off to play with eyes and wigs some more--
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Ooooh, they're amazing! Congrats on the twins! ♥

Awwwwww, thank you! I'm SO happy with them!

LOVE those eyes in her! They're gorgeous. I'm so happy to see the two of them together! More! More I say!

MWAAAAAAH! *glomps the Artist*

These Souldoll P39s are the closest I had to the Soom Nightflowers, though I think I have a pair of Volks Goldenrod that are a little yellower than usual--have to try those! Right now I've switched her to 16mm Soom Purple Nebula, and I will just say YUM. ^_^

I think i like /her/ better, don't tell him that tho! XD

Hee! Now that they're both here, I can't imagine NOT having both of them--they go together soooooo well.

And I think Sister-chan is running this show, I really do.

Omg, they're DELICIOUS. (I'm totally crushing on her, I love her gaze - it's *almost* an imperious look, but not quite, like she's not quite hard enough yet. And that wig is amazing on her.)

She wants to go just a tad crosseyed on me, which I find adorable, given her otherwise regal and haughty bearing . . . and I fully expected the wig to be a joke, but jeez, it works! It really works! Now I'm having trouble seeing her in anything else.

They are truly amazing twins!! Congratulations . . . and I look forward to seeing MORE photos of them! ;)

Ah, thank you! And there will definitely be more, you betcha--

Oh lord they are gorgeous!
LOVE that wig on the sister......and of course I am a slave for Saiki so I shouldn't be surprised they are go beautiful.

The eyes arrived today!
TG I ordered two pair, as one isn't as violet as I thought.
If anyone wants to swap a 16mm pair for my 18mm pair I might be game.

Hmmmmmmm . . . I'm really short on 16mm eyes (except for Flynn's defaults and that pair of Silvers, which ain't goin' nowhere). Which pair didn't turn out to be as violet as you were expecting? (I swear, what we need is an official conversion chart for eye colors. Gah.)

Aren't they delicious together? Mmmmmmmmmm! And I couldn't figure out why I was buying that wig; I certainly didn't expect Sister-chan to glom onto it, but it's fabulous on her. It's like she's daring us to mention that she's wearing goofy hair . . .

The Black Hole looked much violet blue in both owner and Soom pics....but are more tawny IRL. Probably just pair to pair variation, but I haven't had them in a doll, either.

Any names yet for Sister-chan?

I'm trying to decide whether I'm officially calling the twins Gonou and Kanan, or whether the Saiyuki reference is going to (a) get old pretty fast, and (b) seem to tie them to a backstory that they really won't inhabit. The thing is, I do like the names, BUT my twins are not entirely They, if you see what I mean. It may have to be Saiki and Psyche, after all. *sigh*

I like Saiki and Psyche.....

Butbutbut that's what Minawa-san is calling her own pair . . . it's like, you know, bad luck naming a baby after a living person, urk. ;-)

The trouble is that I really do like the name Kanan for Sister-chan. Lyn and I have been calling her that for fun, but it does have the right ring to it. Brother-kun isn't answering at all to "Gonou," so if I can just find another name for him . . . hm. Musa just popped into my head, as in Musashi. Hm. And I like the name Kiyomasa, but it's a little unwieldy.

Well, here's a project! Must think on't.

I call her Princess Pill...that's what *I* call her. :P

Hee! I will NOT name her Pipi, and that's final. ;-)




THESE are the two most beautiful dolls I've ever seen!!!!! You were SO SO SO SO SO SO SO right to bring home this right to do it!!!! I can't imagine them ever being parted - they are Yin and Yang, Light and Dark, Earth and Sky. They are just utterly perfect.

Major props to you for vision and serious high-fiving to Lyn for her amazing face-up artistry!!!!

Oh, m'dear--I just wish I could borrow your eye and your camera for an hour or so, to take the pictures that I know they COULD sit for!

They are indeed and indeed perfect, and all honor goes to Lyn and to Minawa-san (who had the Saiki-girl idea in the first place; I would never have come up with it on my own, because I don't have that much imagination).


They are STUNNING !*!*!**!*!*!*!*!**!
Iam glad to see that ALG shirt went to someone in my Flist !*!*!*!!!

Gorgeous !! Gorgeous twins !!!!

Oh, yeah--as soon as I saw Valentine post that shirt for sale, I pounced on it, because Sister-chan here HAD to have it. I shudder to think what other offerings of expensive clothes she's going to demand . . . she has her eye on an Ospirit outfit right now, *shudder*.

And thank you! They are so beautiful--both Minawa's work and Lyn's work are *amazing.*

AIGH! So perfect! MORE MORE MORE! <3<3 You are lucky lucky lucky!!!

Broke broke broke, mind you . . . but YES, lucky lucky lucky! And I'm trying hard to start a little wave of sales for Minawa-san, because this head is utterly fabulous and she's so nice to deal with . . . *nudge nudge* ;-)

very little arm twisting needed

Don't think I haven't already thought about it. Rather pointedly thought about it for a very specific girl by the name of Pauline, actually. I know I want to put her on an Aoi Tuki body, but I really haven't settled on a head mold yet. Saiki is high up on the list. *sigh* I must get bodies for the heads I already have first.

Re: very little arm twisting needed

Ahhhhh, I wonder how big the Aoi-Tuki neck is, vs. either of the SD13s? These are relatively small heads (8-9); I know the Aoi-Tuki girls are big all over, but I don't have a good sense of how their heads compare to, say, the larger Volks heads. (Or that beautiful but LARGE Mui noggin.)

Oh, they're just SPLENDID . . .and I love how they're so very different, despite sharing the same features. Stunning twins indeed!! (And I love love love your eye choices!)

-- A :D

I'm still fiddling with eyes--I think maybe Sister-chan needs a *slightly* bigger eye than she's wearing in these pictures, buuuuuuuut on the other hand I do love this color! (Souldoll P39, BTW.) Right now I have her in 16mm Soom Purple Nebulas (Nebulae?), and they're pretty darn yummy, too.

uhhh yeahhh what everybody else said....

how awesome are they? and how cool is it that they DO look different? ZOINKS!!!!!! I think these 2 just got bumped up pretty high on my faves of yours list.... ee. You've gotta get some pics of her nakies for everyone.

They look SO different--I keep staring at them, because I *know* that's the same face underneath, but woooooooooooow. And finally, a girl who's not only supremely cool, but the right size to wear all the really good SD13 clothes I have!

MY GOODNESS! They are increadible! I really love their faces, so enchanted. I can even see them breathing.

I'm completely floored by them! I adored Brother-kun on his own, but putting the two of them together . . . wow. All hail Minawa-sensei and Lyn-sensei!

These two are so remarkably special ... I just can't stop looking at them. You have an amazing eye, to have seen this. And Lyn's a genius for helping you translate that.

I'm just ... wow. (aka inarticulate)

Oh, man, I get NONE of the credit for this: it would never have occurred to me that the Saiki head could be a girl if Minawa-san hadn't painted one that way, and posted those beautiful pictures on her website. And thank goodness Lyn overruled me on the lip color (I'm such a coward . . . I was saying "neutral pale pink," and I was sooooooooo wrong), because Sister-chan is Just. Perfect.

They do absolutely belong together, don't they? Much lurve.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, you're right! One of my mother's cousins had old-school Siamese when I was little--I was always fascinated by their knowing, haughty expressions. Yup yup yup, that's exactly what we have here . . . *getting ideas*

oh wow, how fun! Yah you, they are gorgous together!

Aw, thanks! It's like adding 1 + 1 and getting 427 . . . they are so cool as a pair.

Oh wow they look so beautiful together!!
Your twins are stunning :D

Thanks!! I'm completely thrilled with them--and the camera just loves both of them. :-)

Oh your dolls are gorgeous!:D What mold are they? I don't recall ever seeing them before!


Hiya, Alyson!! Nice to see you over here--

The Terrible Twosome are Saiki heads by the Japanese sculptor Minawa Aya; she sells on Y!J and also through her website: (I got one from each place--Celga did the buying for me both ways).

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