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Sasha Blaze
Any suggestions of names for cute, sneering Korean boys who dye their rockstar hair bright red?

This is Souldoll's Kanguk. (Okay, okay, he's my Kanguk, since Souldoll has been well and truly paid for him.) Very, very nice, this Soul Double body, though evidently all double-jointed arms are prone to flipping up into what someone cleverer than me once called "velociraptor poses." Unlike the briefly-visiting and pinheaded Souldoll Jin Woo, Kanguk's head is pretty well-proportioned to the body. The eyebrows are either hilarious or appalling, but the rest of the faceup is perfectly adequate.

I really do want to give him a Korean name, and I even went through the campus directory to look at our Korean exchange students' names . . . but, sadly, I haven't mastered the nuances of which Korean names are masculine and which are feminine. Yes, I've trawled the baby-name sites, but they're almost all plagiarized from the same source, so there's not much to choose from.

Anybody have Korean friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers?
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My brother's name was Kim Tae Hoon. My uncle's was Park Me Honey- well I don't know how to spell it... but that's what it sounds like! XD;; My other uncle is San Gook(my mother being Nan Sook).

You could always call him by my brother's nickname... Mr. Tong! But that pretty much means mr. poop. XD;;;

Hah! "Mr. Tong" is tempting . . . but Tae Hoon definitely goes on the list. Your brother wouldn't mind if I stole his name, would he? And San Gook/Sanguk is a good alternative to just calling him by the mold name. Hmm, hmm, hmmm.

I still think your mother's name is THE coolest. I know you're making a Nan Sook, but I don't say I won't take the name for one of my dolls someday.

What about you? Do you have a Korean name, or only an English one? I've always wondered, but I never got around to asking. (I have so much trouble trying to remember my students' Korean names AND the English names they want to use--one name per person, guys, please! ;-)

Drew wouldn't mind, the people who gave him that name had adopted him, then abandoned him three years later. He doesn't consider it his name at all.

Nan Sook is a fun name, her nickname was Sooki. :3 There's also my aunts, Sonja and Young Ae. I met a lady at the doll thing who's name was Ea? I think? I can't remember how to spell it. Maybe it was Yae, but pronounced E-ah. Then there's a girl my great-grandparents adopted/bought and her name is Chun ja.

I don't have a korean name, neither do any of my cousins or my other aunt and uncle. Chae, my grandmother, has disassociated herself with Korea as much as she can. My mom might have given me one, but she didn't know any korean families when she came to the US and didn't know that a lot of families give their kids both korean and american names. :3

also, his eyebrows are very korean. XD;; my mom and I always laugh about how our brows would look if we didn't pluck them. My friend Chaz said that when he went into the navy and htey shaved his head the other guys were like, "Hey! You left some of his hair!" "Oh no, those are just my eyebrows."

Too funny about the eyebrows! The longer I live with them, the more I like them--so I think they're safe at least for the time being. ;-)

My female Korean students (I've only had one or two Korean guys in class) have such beautiful names . . . Eun-Ah, Mo Ran, Seul-Ki, Eun-Hey, So Yeong. Our new art history professor is Korean; her name is Minam. What I can't get over is that I've never run into the same Korean name twice, where Japanese girls' names (not to mention American girls' names) repeat like crazy. This must just be because I have a statistically meaningless sample size, but . . . it's still interesting!

He gorgeous. I really love his look.

The camera absolutely adores this sculpt--he looks quite a bit better in photos than I think he looks IRL, which is a first for me. Verrrrrrry innnnnnnteresting . . .

Love your trick-or-treaters!

I cant help with names ... but feel compliments are in order... what a cutie!
I really like him, he looks so real

The body is fabulous--it holds any pose, and is good to look at, too. (Though has Souldoll always done the Ken-bulge instead of anatomical detailing? I was a little taken aback, not that I'm fixated or anything . . .)

Pardon me for butting in, but this must be a new development with the new body, because, ahem! Figwit is nicely endowed in that area. Congratulations on your new boy! He is lovely.

Oh, is he, now?? And quite proud of himself, too, I gather? Hee!

How long have you had Figwit? He's on the pre-Double body, right (or one of them; I guess there were two versions, but I keep forgetting that)?

I was really quite surprised to find that Banya came with an almost Hypermaniac-like angel crotch, because I never thought Souldoll sculpted that way. I actually owned a Jin Woo briefly (he was too pinheaded for me), and I don't remember being surprised by any underendowment, so . . . this makes me wonder even more what might be going on with Souldoll's casting.

I have had him since 2 Feb 2006! My birthday present to myself! :) I bought him from Janis Chambers, Sunrise Dolls as was; he is on the second pre-Double body I believe, looks like Paris' and Lune's etc except that it is suntan resin. He has that gorgeous muscle thing on the hip that is a male only (forgotten what it is called), but it is very attractive. ;) He is a bit of a pinhead too, but don't tell him that; anyways I love him too much to care, he has two wigs and they fit so I'm happy. He was once called a girl by a visitor to our home, when I told her he was a boy she asked me how did I know? I said "He has a penis." She went a funny colour and did not ask to see it. People are strange.

Poor Banya! Would a bit of discrete dremelling help?

Red haired Korean Boy

I would name him Kevin. Not really, but that was the first thing that came to mind. Don't ask me why, I'm not really that fond of that name. How does he look with hair covering the eyebrows? That might give you an idea if you will want to eventually have them changed.

Tell Toshi to keep those kids under control. Dogs make the best supervisors ever.

Hugs to you and Toshi..

Re: Red haired Korean Boy

Hee, hee! Maybe there's a Korean name that kinda sounds like Kevin? And unfortunately, bangs make this particular head look geeky, so I'm stuck with the eyebrows showing, at least until I make up my mind. But I am starting to get used to them, after the initial shock.

My supervisor is now sprawled on the couch, snoring. So much for doing his canine duty!

Red haired Korean Boy

It sounds funnier today than it did yesterday.

Just another one of those jobs that the supervisors will not relegate to any one else. Unless of course it is to hold you down on the couch as mine do.

He is so sweet (I see what you mean about the eyebrows!). I love the wig on him. The only Korean names I know are Buddhist ones - Banya? The new Souldoll body looks very nice too.

Oh, now, I really like Banya--that one just shot up to the top of the list. Tell me more about it, okay?

I've always liked Souldoll, and they do have a good thing going with the Double body. I wish I had one of the earlier Souldolls just for comparison's sake. In my fantasy life, I believe I'll be able to track down the unbelievably elusive one-off Souldoll Gunun, which came up for sale on DoA a couple of years ago at a time when I was trying to be restrained and frugal. Ptooey.

I don't really know anything about Korean buddhism (at one time I think I knew a small number of things about Japanese Zen, but it's all gone now) -- all I know about Banya is that he was a late sixth-century Korean monk who traveled to China to study. I cut and pasted his name: 波若.
Sniffle -- I hate it when the first millennium is inaccessible to me. I need more languages!!!

I'm in a frugal doll state (stupid car repairs!!) - it is horrible when the flist has been posting such amazing stuff for sale too (sulking over Haute Hound).

Oooooo, the Chinese characters, even!! *cutting and pasting* And Banya is sticking hard, so Banya he is. It sounds just as much like a rockstar name as a monkish name, yeah? <3 <3 <3

In my case, I *should* be in a frugal doll state because of $$$$ landscaping and recent $$$ tree-trimming and $$$$ painting jobs. (Stupid home maintenance!!) I wind up telling myself, though, that dolls sitting around the house count as part of the home decor, therefore are justifiable expenses.


wow he looks great,love the way hes standing idea on name ??

This Soul Double body is definitely great--it balances like a pro, and feels so good to handle. I wish the resin weren't quite so peachy, just because that would make the body a lot more versatile for head-swapping . . . but we can't have everything, huh?

Oh, he's lovely! But I think someone needs to knit him some sweaters! He looks cold. *grins*

*snorfle* Weeeelllll, since there are dolls in Michigan who snatch up allllll the sweaters before my boys get a chance to wear them . . . this guy will have to suffer from his case of hello!nipples for a while. He doesn't seem to mind too much, though.

I adored your pictures, BTW, even though I'm doing a monumentally bad job of keeping up with e-mail!

Jacob says he is not giving up his new sweater and you should speak to the skinny, tall, pale dood, instead. He further says that Red there has a fine pair of nips and he quite enjoys seeing them so we lot should suck it up and deal.

Guess I'll have to tell my rezin!kidz to start being more patient and less greedy til yours are properly clothed. *grins*

Banya is now happily (and warmly) sporting a turtleneck from Diverse Designs that I forgot I had, so I think he can spare a sweater or so for Jacob. Especially given Jacob's complimentary turn of phrase. ;-) The skinny, tall, pale dood, however, might not deserve one.

--faithful transcriptionist

I have quite the resource on Korean baby names. The reason you never hear any repeats is because they try to make each name individual. Naming a child after one's relatives, living or dead, is taboo, from what I understand, Some of my favorites?

Chul Moo = iron weapon
Hwan Ji = shining wisdom
Myung Wook = clear dawn
Sang Hoon = no idea :/
Yun Tae = also no idea

Aha! Thank you so much, and I thought that was probably the case--that individuality was the goal when naming a baby. Now I'm even more interested in what the "boundaries" of name combinations might be (since I don't have a good ear for what sounds pleasant or harsh in Korean).

Come to think of it, I've had both male and female students named Seung Hee, so maybe names are more unisex than I was assuming?

And all of those are wonderful names--I'm especially fond of Hwan Ji (would work for a girl, hmmm?) . . .

I *think* that a good half of them are unisex, but I can't remember if any of the parts that I've combined for you are boy only. Some are.

That was my favorite of the bunch too. It's not quite Kevin or Red Haired Korean Boy, But I like it and it does sound better than my feeble attempts at humor. Hope you are having a good day.

Isn't Hwan Ji a nice name? And I might have a use for it very soon . . . I'll run it by Minam, my Korean colleague, to see whether it would work for a girl. ;-)

*hugs*, and I hope you're hanging in there!

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