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An open message to Lyn the Tormentor.


(But anybody who wants to post and tell me how pretty my girl is will get virtual cupcakes with sprinkles.)

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*laughs runs away*

Hee! Do you prefer yellow cake with chocolate icing and multicolored sprinkles, or chocolate cake with white icing and chocolate sprinkles, or . . . ????

Great lips.

What's up with Pen, bad hair day?

ahahahahahaha! 'Tisn't Pen . . . somebody punky snuck into the house in a moment of weakness . . . introduction to come . . .

Yeah, I know about those moments.

She's breathtaking, with the most amazing ... hmm, would it be cheating for me to say? Describe?

Poke? How can you not loooooook?

PS - I can hook you up with pics on the sly. *grins evilly*

*slaps cc_lemon* Bad girl!

Hey, OW! I Yam What I Yam! Besides, delayed gratification sucks!

bad marsh! no biscuit! LOL

I can't help it! She's so awesome and it's your fault anyway for posting pics. You're a terrible tease, you realize. That temptation is just too much.

Oooooo, I'm enjoying this SOOOOO MUUUUUUCH . . .

And actually, it will be much more fun if I don't look, so. NOT. LOOKING. (I love having things to look forward to--almost as much as I love instant gratification.)

Yes, I realize I probably shouldn'tve posted pics, but well...what can I say? Artist Ego. LOL

I'm very glad you did. Now all of us have this awesome secret knowledge we can use as a poking stick! And she really is gorgeous, especially the .... *zips up lips*

*and poke poke pokes the oh so patient Cyn-meister*

*incredibly looooong whistle follow by a holy shit* Yeah, she looks pretty good. Can I has extra sprinkles?

Choose your flavor, deario! How about golden mocha with chocolate mousse frosting and bittersweet chocolate on top?

I was inspired to offer virtual cupcakes by stumbling across a new bakery in town that sells cupcakes for 50 cents each (they're flavor tests for new batter and icing ideas). Now I want one myself . . .

You love me....admit it!

You know I do!!! <3 <3 <3

But you don't get sprinkles. So there.

perfection, as expected. Totally amazing.

EeeeeeeeeEEEEE! Would Keahi have a favorite cupcake, by any chance?

DING DONG. :) :). your new girl is LOVELY. .... and... i don't think you should peek.

.... only because when you finally get to open the box, you will get that FALL ON THE FLOOR.... BREATHTAKING feeling.... and... you should keep your eyes closed and get to experience that.

Feel free to befriend me. ... i'd like to see more of your girl... :) :).

Oh, I agree with you 100%--it's been a few years since I really had something to look forward to on Christmas, soooooooooo DEFINITELY no peeking.

And hello, welcome, glad to have you on the flist!

... i added you as a friend... and... i hope that you don't mind... because... yes.... CHRISTMAS is going to be VERYFUN for you....

and.... iiiiii don't want to miss it. :) :).


*wants* ;P

*eep* *holding breath until Christmas* *hair standing on end*

Also, *offering cupcake*

She's absolutely beautiful!! No kidding. I tell you no lie. :3 You totally SHOULDN'T LOOK, she's going to be the best X-mas gift ebr <3 <3

Oooooooo, Dollstown love!!! Here, have a whole plate of cupcakes--assorted flavors, for all tastes. ;-)

I'm going off to hide in a corner (er, tackle the pile of unfinished work, which comes to the same thing) until Christmas now . . .

omg you are going to love her so much. she's very "you"...

I think you are going to totally and completely plotz.

Did you really not look? OMg I probably would have looked. LOL

Nope, I really didn't look! Luckily (urgh) I'm so beside myself with work that I haven't had *time* to look when the urge was really upon me . . . we'll see how long that lasts . . .

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