The White House comments phone line appears to be permanently closed.

Too bad, Mr. President. We still have paper and stamps.

This is going in the mail today. I know it won't accomplish anything, even if by some freak of fate it might actually be read by a human being. But there's some comfort in the act of writing, all the same. (a comfort serves in a whirlwind . . .)

Dear President Trump,

I have tried to phone the White House comments line to communicate this message to you, but the comments line seems to be permanently closed. Since I have read that you prefer to send your business correspondence on paper rather than by e-mail, I will hope that a letter can reach you, and that you will listen to the voice of one of the American people in this form.

I am a native-born citizen of the United States, and I am contacting the White House for the first time in my life. I feel compelled by my Catholic Christian faith, my reason, and my conscience to express the shock and disgust I feel at your arbitrary and unjust executive order, which has stranded in transit, without recourse or shelter, so many citizens of the seven countries you have now barred from entry into the US. These people include refugee families; students and researchers already admitted and enrolled by American universities; men and women who have worked for the US military abroad; and permanent residents of the US holding green cards, who are already contributing to the American economy and culture every day of their lives here. These people have already been vetted and granted visas. The refugees among them are sponsored and supported by American churches and other civic groups. There are Christians among them as well as Muslims and believers in other faiths. And, as I am sure you know, none of the acts of terrorism on US soil that we all deplore was committed by a citizen of any of the seven countries you have barred.

Your heavy-handed, misguided, and above all cruel action is unworthy of this country. It is a profoundly horrifying echo of the US treatment of the passengers on the vessel St. Louis in 1939, so many of whom were turned away from this country only to die in Hitler’s extermination camps. The fact that you signed this executive order on Holocaust Remembrance Day appalls me more than I have words to express.

Mr. Trump, I have been deeply disappointed by the vindictive, shallow, unreflective, and unpresidential demeanor you have displayed in public since your inauguration. My feeling about the executive order on refugees and immigrants, and its immediate effects on people who had already passed review and been granted visas to enter or re-enter the United States, goes beyond even that disappointment. For the sake of all of us who love this country and value its moral standing in the world, please look within yourself. Challenge yourself from this day forward to act and speak only on the basis of reason, respect for law and truth, and human decency. Please cancel this executive order and craft an immigration process that will be both legally and morally defensible.

Yours sincerely,

Comments are disabled. I'm only posting this so that I'll have a date-stamped record for myself.
Shinyuu Layne

Sometimes when they say "the end of an era," it actually IS

So Tonner is discontinuing everything except the franchised/licensed character dolls, and is embarking on a completely new Thing with an SF-style name that already went straight out of my head.

I thought some time back that there wasn't much creative love being poured into the Tyler line or its various offshoots, or even the Wilde Imagination line, despite the fact that the prices were getting higher all the time. The move toward all fully-dressed dolls, with just a tiny handful of outfit-only choices (and those at eye-widening prices, too), seemed like a downshift to me . . . but I told myself that I was just not as interested in Tonner as I used to be, so naturally I wasn't seeing anything that grabbed me. I guess my instincts were right after all.

But it was the Tyler Wentworth line that turned me into a grownup doll collector, and paved the way for my beloved BJDs. It's a pity to see it end. I may not be adding Tylers and Sydneys to my collection regularly these days, but there are still a few I would pounce on if I saw them turn up for sale, and it's still fun to fiddle with the teeny shoes and separates when I have time to play. Plus, Tonners photograph like a dream -- I will always think that it's easier to make a Tonner look alive for the camera than any other kind of doll, BJDs included.

Ah, well. I did know these are weird times we live in.
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Cultivate your OWN garden, !@#*#$^!@(#&%

I fully recognize that a big part of my reaction to this discussion thread on DoA is displaced election stress, but . . . it's all a continuum, really.

If I weren't such a moral coward, I would post what I really want to say. Since I am a moral coward, I'll post it here, which will get it off my mind enough to let me do other things like grading the mountain of papers I needed to hand back two weeks ago. So here's what I wrote and then deleted without posting:

Weeeeeeeeelllllll, my instinctive reaction, every time a thread like this is posted -- and there are MANY of them in DoA's history -- is "what business is it of yours?"

I find it intrusive when anyone passes judgment on, or demands that I justify, my personal decisions. I don't see a meaningful difference between "I'm bothered by other people's quick sales of their dolls so they need to tell me why they do that" and "I think a grown woman with dolls is creepy so you must have a psychological disorder" or "You must be a hoarder because you have more dolls than I think I would want." All three begin with the bedrock desire to force others into our own mold: "I wouldn't do what you're doing, therefore you must be wrong and you have to justify yourself."

Whether you were conscious of it or not, OP, your post is rooted in that ancient, lizard-brain desire to stamp out otherness. Why not be a complete human being instead, tend your own hobby, and stop worrying about what other people do with theirs?
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I'm famous! Sort of!

Just checking my Etsy shop stats this morning -- it's the best I can do for now, since the beginning of the semester means I haven't had time to knit OR photograph any of my pitifully-few new things to add to the shop.

Bo Bergemann favorited one of my sweaters.

Okay, it's not QUITE like, say, Oprah Winfrey favorited one of my sweaters, but come on -- an extremely popular and successful dollmaker who's all over the mainstream doll magazines has noticed my nearly-invisible little shop.

I feel famous, yep.  *gracious queen-wave to the populace*

In other news, it's raining oldschool resin, and this needs to stop, already.  Just since Christmas, a fullset default Western Madoka, a default Leona, and now a fullset default SwD Lucas have popped up on Y!J for absurdly low prices and insisted on extending my credit-card debt.  The SwD should be here sometime next week, mmmmHMMMMMM.  Here are the girls:

Dorothea didn't WANT to be a Taisho-era high-school girl.  Hitomiya eyes, Volks pinkbrown bob:

Celia CERTAINLY didn't want to wear the Luts facsimile of her default white curly wig that was flattened in the bottom of her box.  Silver eyes, Licht wig (yes, it amuses me to put a Licht wig on a Leona):
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Drive-by poem sighting!

One of the reading assignments for my Later British Literature students this week:

The Fat Black Woman Goes Shopping

Shopping in London winter
is a real drag for the fat black woman
going from store to store
in search of accommodating clothes
and de weather so cold
Look at the frozen thin mannequins
fixing her with grin
and de pretty face salesgals
exchanging slimming glances
thinking she don’t notice
Lord is aggravating
Nothing soft and bright and billowing
to flow like breezy sunlight
when she walking
The fat black woman curses in Swahili/Yoruba
and nation language under her breathing
all this journeying and journeying
The fat black woman could only conclude
that when it come to fashion
the choice is lean
Nothing much beyond size 14

Grace Nichols

I do love this one so much -- as a poem (the vowel sounds are amazing -- the tight, fixed-grin "iiiiiiiiih" sounds of the salesgals, contrasting with the fat black woman's rich, round vowels) and also because, as a fat white woman, I do feel some of the fat black woman's shopping pain.  I always want to sit down with her for a cup of tea and tell her about the awesome plus-size boutique in Covent Garden.

As the resin turns . . .

Wooooooooooow, has it really been three-years-and-some since I posted here?

Ack.  Ack.  Ack.

Well, here we are again, and greetings to any patient friends who are still hanging out on LJ!  I doubt that I'll be any more consistent about either posting or reading/responding than I ever was, but thanks to a timely nudge from rorekgwolfe, I thought I'd see what's shakin' in these parts.

Toshi and I are still puttering along through canine/human middle age pretty well, all things considered, and there have been some amazingly wonderful life developments since 2012.  Multiple trips to London!  Theatergoing and high-end restaurants!  LA Dolpa 2015!  Dollsdollsdollsdolls!  Dolls!

Now, if I would just get my lazy self in gear and take pictures of them, already.

Here's one of the recentish arrivals, courtesy of Y!J:  oldschool Customhouse Unique "hotelAfrica," who I don't think had ever had her clothes changed in the twelve-plus years between when she was originally sold and when she landed at my house.  I named her Jules, for July, the Hotel Africa manhwa character she was styled after.  This is her full default weirdness:  the purple eyes and whacked-out clothes are packed away now, but the little red wig is hers for keeps.


Is. Here.

The Avvelenato Lucas landed yesterday . . . we're still negotiating his look and even his name (not the most forthcoming guy, this one, but he has reasons for being a little cool and distant right now--see travel pic behind the cut). But he is stunning, and so very different from Trouble and Snip, the Lucas and Chris in situ.

Buuuuuuuuut peek behind the cut to see what some people think is adequate BJD packing for shipment. I'm glad the odds are against this particular person's having any more dolls that I'm likely to want, because I think I'm pushing my luck to have received now two dolls from her without any noticeable damage.

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'Tis the last (two) days of summer

Back to the office on Wednesday of this week, classes begin the following Wednesday. I intend to do as little as is humanly possible for the next 48 hours. ;-)

I was really sad when Dollstown decided to discontinue the 15yrs boy body--it's one of my favorites, and I'd always wanted one more DT boy to keep Kit company. Especially since Kit managed to scare away every DT girl I tried to add to the crew. In the past year or so, I'd found myself spending an unusual amount of time mooning over the pictures in Dollstown's Daisy boy gallery (or "gallary," as DT charmingly Engrishes it).

So, well, having no idea that a Nori or a Kitten or an Avvelenato Lucas (still no sign of him or seller communication, by the by, but that's a rant for another time) might be in my credit card's future, I put in an order for a Daisy boy head and the 15 body during that final order period in May.

His head is already in the faceup artist's hands, but he has so much spark, even blank, that I can't resist . . .

I think his name might be Court, unless the Lucas snatches that one out from under him.

In other musings, GO TEAM INTELLIGENCE! How amazing is it that we are getting nearly real-time LIVE IMAGES from Mars? Makes me proud to be human, it does.

A little burst of project-finishing energy

. . . still waiting for shipping info on the Avvelenato Lucas, so. I'm keeping my hands busy with finishing up some dormant knitting projects, and my mind busy with watching Kenneth Branagh's Wallander series on DVD (good stuff, and visually stunning). One week to go before the official beginning of the academic-year contract. I'll need to get serious about handout-revision and syllabus-tweaking over the weekend, but sufficient unto the weekend is the work thereof.

These dresses are both slimmer-60cm size, and they're both in the shop: Many thanks to the lovely Kore Arabin (CH St. Mina) and Sully (CH Unique Sully) for contributing their modeling chops. ;-)