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This is the fashion-doll post.
I wasn't patient enough this morning to keep stalking the light and messing with backgrounds until I got good pictures, but I'm feeling inspired by tubbysnuggles's gawjus FRs to play with my fashion dolls a little.

Angharad, a Tonner Sydney repaint by Helen Skinner, wearing Tonner Boutique and jewelry by Emberwilde (i.e., tubbysnuggles). Angharad was my first repaint; I actually won her in a drawing that Hollywood Bakery held, way back when. Still love her--Helen Skinner could do a nice repaint, yes indeedy.

This is my belated Inaugural Ball tribute: Lucie, a Tonner American Model, wearing a Joe Tai gown and (are you sensing a theme here?) Emberwilde earrings. I adore these big girls, but do they ever take up room--shrinking violets they ain't. Because of the display-space issue, Lucie is the only AM I have, though I secretly pine after whatever that curly redhead in the tropical-print gown was.


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Beautiful girls. Much as I love BJDs, there's something special about these dolls too.

There really is! They don't have the same spark of life that BJDs do, for me, but fashion dolls are such fun to dress and photograph.

(Deleted comment)
I'm amazed that anyone can do such detailed, realistic painting on that tiny scale--photographing a good repaint is a blast. I need to spend more time with my fashion dolls, yup. :-)

Both lovely girls! I dont think i have seen this AM before, she is lovely. I wish they would have bendy wrists though, that would be nice :)

I'm with you on the wrists!

Isn't she a nice AM? I bought her from my friend Lora (sillydogs--she's the first AA American Model. Great hair--I put it up in a loose high ponytail to go with the gown, but it looks just as good down.

oh, wow, that IS a lovely helen skinner repaint! she's just beautiful!

oh, THAT blue set... those were awesome. I made as many as I could and then they were gone.

what a lovely AM! I have two, and at least 1 should go, I think. they are big... she is really beautiful and her factory paint is lovely.

Yes, that blue set IS awesome! Isn't it perfect with that boutique camisole? The blues match exactly, wheee!!

Angharad is so special to me--and you know, I always thought Helen Skinner had more range and talent than she got credit for. I have a nice Brenda by her, too:

oh, she IS very nice. that is a nice brenda. i love her top too.

Talk to Lora about that one--she made that whole outfit (pants and earrings, too)! I should ask her for her pattern on the top, because it's nifty.

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