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This is the fashion-doll post.
I wasn't patient enough this morning to keep stalking the light and messing with backgrounds until I got good pictures, but I'm feeling inspired by tubbysnuggles's gawjus FRs to play with my fashion dolls a little.

Angharad, a Tonner Sydney repaint by Helen Skinner, wearing Tonner Boutique and jewelry by Emberwilde (i.e., tubbysnuggles). Angharad was my first repaint; I actually won her in a drawing that Hollywood Bakery held, way back when. Still love her--Helen Skinner could do a nice repaint, yes indeedy.

This is my belated Inaugural Ball tribute: Lucie, a Tonner American Model, wearing a Joe Tai gown and (are you sensing a theme here?) Emberwilde earrings. I adore these big girls, but do they ever take up room--shrinking violets they ain't. Because of the display-space issue, Lucie is the only AM I have, though I secretly pine after whatever that curly redhead in the tropical-print gown was.


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Yes, that blue set IS awesome! Isn't it perfect with that boutique camisole? The blues match exactly, wheee!!

Angharad is so special to me--and you know, I always thought Helen Skinner had more range and talent than she got credit for. I have a nice Brenda by her, too:

oh, she IS very nice. that is a nice brenda. i love her top too.

Talk to Lora about that one--she made that whole outfit (pants and earrings, too)! I should ask her for her pattern on the top, because it's nifty.

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