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This is the BJD post.
1. Mirah angsts. (Is there a Dollstown head that doesn't angst?) Necklace by Resin Ragdoll, a.k.a. the_impassive; barrette by orangebabydolly. The beauteous Mirah was brought to life by thelyn, who deserves many hugs.

Ever meet a doll who just wouldn't leave you alone?

Tierney returns!

Yes, this is the exact same School C that I sold to 1olly, who then sold her to someone else, who then . . .

Uh-huh. Like that.

Zinnia Clare the Alice head has moved east, because Tierney insisted on taking back her suwarikko body, and I figure it's best not to argue with Overbite Girl. Seriously, someone else loved Zinnia Clare more than I did--so it's a happy ending all around.

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(Deleted comment)
I think there's a lot more potential for variety in the Dollstown sculpts than most owner pictures would lead us to believe--and Lyn absolutely found something in the Daisy head that I don't think anybody else has seen. *happysigh*

The Tierney story is really one for the books; I can't believe how lucky I was, to be able to snag this head again when I started to think that I might have made a mistake by selling it. And I am so hopelessly indecisive where BJDs are concerned . . . I want 'em gone, I want 'em back, I don't know what I want. Argh. ;-)

Man, Mirah's wig is gorgeous. I love the updo. *.*

I adore this wig, too--to the point of buying it in two sizes and four colors, eepers! (It's a JPop "Hope," BTW.)

oh no you didn't!!!!!!!

Tierney!!!!!!!!!!!! you are .. well I can't think of a word but somebody else will. TEEEE!!!!!!

oh Mirah is lovely, lovely, LOVELY!! she is beautiful!!!!!!

I did. I did. I weally, weally, did.

And the word is "nuts," right? rofffffflllll!

I love this wig and dress on Mirah so much . . . she's really due for a change of clothes, but I'm not sure what I think would suit her this well!

Here we go round the dollie carousel!!!
Tierney looks great!
Your new girl has the most beautiful profile ... yum, and those lips
Love that wig, volks needs to do more special wigs like that

I'm in such an updo mood right now--I even put up my American Model's hair while I was playing this morning. Why aren't there more good updo wigs on the market, huh? I think that's a market niche waiting to be filled.

And if I mention selling Tierney again, just whap me, okay? *eyeroll* My Ospirit outfits were languishing without her.

I love Mirah (also she has my mother's lovely ski jump nose that I, tragically lack). The faceup is just *wow.*
The Dollstown girls are world class pouters. I have my 2nd version of Soph A (freshskin, so much better for her than paleskin) sulking up a storm in my living room right now. It goes like this:
Me: try these mystic eyes and this divas wig and this AnotherSpace dress (desperately throws all the best stuff and disposable income at DT girl)
Soph: I hate you.

Hee HEE hee hee hee!

I came thisclose to ordering a Soph B when Dollstown had that sale . . . and while it's a good thing I didn't, considering how much I still have to pay off from, er, recent dolly bingeing, I still have a hankering for one. Someday, someday! After all, she could share clothes with the Shinydolls, so it's not like I'd be getting into a whole new size--and--

You know.

I must know more about Mirah's loverly dress!

Oh, man, I don't know much about it myself! I bought it secondhand from somebody, at least three years ago . . . and I think I remember the seller saying that it had been commissioned from MHD, Magalie Dawson. The style isn't Magalie's usual, but the workmanship is definitely fine enough to be hers.

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