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This is the BJD post.

1. Mirah angsts. (Is there a Dollstown head that doesn't angst?) Necklace by Resin Ragdoll, a.k.a. the_impassive; barrette by orangebabydolly. The beauteous Mirah was brought to life by thelyn, who deserves many hugs.

Ever meet a doll who just wouldn't leave you alone?

Tierney returns!

Yes, this is the exact same School C that I sold to 1olly, who then sold her to someone else, who then . . .

Uh-huh. Like that.

Zinnia Clare the Alice head has moved east, because Tierney insisted on taking back her suwarikko body, and I figure it's best not to argue with Overbite Girl. Seriously, someone else loved Zinnia Clare more than I did--so it's a happy ending all around.
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