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This is another BJD post.

Here's how Genta is shaping up: Volks wig, Silver eyes. Blond mischief.

(hugs and cake to fairemma for fixing up this image for me!)

And you've been wondering about the Bermanns, right? Are they settling in? Are their characters what I expected them to be?

Could there be any doubt about Phang? I mean, really.

I have to admit, though, that I've been struggling to get a bead on the 77. He's resisted all my well-meaning attempts to turn him into my character Val; the more I tried red and brown wigs and 1920s clothes on him, the unhappier he looked. (I mean, unhappy even for a Bermann.) It turns out that what he wanted all along was to move to Amsterdam and just chill.

With apologies to krbuss, I think he's only going to answer to B-boy.

I can live with that.

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Ahhh I love how Genta is coming out! ♥ Those lips slay me ♥

Aren't those lips a sight to behold? He's like the love child of a Lucas and a Choa! <3 <3 <3

He IS amazing ..I like what you said above "He's like the love child of a Lucas and a Choa!" [[giggle}}

OMG they are all just SO gorgeous!
Genta is truly Heavybomb at her best and I really loooove B-boy's look. Both he and Phang have awesome faceups.
It looks like HB modded Genta's eyes also, as they seem to be more identical than the standard F28 mold. I sold my F16 because when they recast the F28, it amplified the "droopy eye", which made me totally crazy.
You have had a VERY good dolly month!

I have had amazing dolly luck not just this month, but for several months! Now I need to stop having dolly luck, already, and pay off the credit-card balance . . .

Looking closely at Minako and Genta together, yup, his eyes are definitely more even than hers! And are we thinking that his mouth has been modded, not just given the Heavybomb paint treatment? I have such a lousy eye for these things.

The funny thing is that Genta falling right into the personality-slot that I thought the Tsukasa would take--all those cute sailor suits and duffel coats look perfect on him, where the Tsukasa just looked uncomfortable and distracted. Half the battle with these dolls is figuring out who's really meant to own them, huh? ;-)

I do think his lips were smoothed out a bit....at first I thought it was just paint, but his lips look more CH-ish than Volks. I think she sanded out the harsh F28 edge on the lips.

Yukio is definitely not the sailor suit type.

Tell Yukio that I apologize for putting him in the Trapp Family getup, I really do!

One of the things that caught my eye about the "Morris the Gentleman" auction was exactly that CHish look--I could see that the body was Volks, but the head was enough of a mystery that I *had* to bring him home and see what he really was. I'm planning to keep the faceup for a good long time, but it would be interesting to compare the blank face to an unmodded F28, wouldn't it?

I think that his mouth is modded, definitely.

So, so, so pretty, all of them!

-- A :D

The center of the lips has more of a "curl" (I know what I mean, but I don't know how to describe it) than unmodded F28 lips have, right? I have to do more looking at F28 pictures . . . what a hardship . . . ;-)

(Deleted comment)
Isn't it amazing, the way they insist on being themselves in spite of us? I mean, who'da thunk that B-boy would want to be a blond hippie?

And to think I got into this hobby by telling myself that I could buy ONE doll and just change the wig, eyes, faceup, and clothes whenever I wanted a different kind of personality.

So very, very not.

OMG that is EXACTLY what I told myself!

uhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . this is what we get for believing what BJDs tell us!

;-) ;-) ;-)

(I think he just winked at you.)

But HEY, now, how about a little love for B-boy, now that he's decided he's all blond and cool? Huh? Huh?

Well of course he gets love, but I got distracted by m'baby Phang. ^_^

Ha! He does look... very chill. :3

Sending you all kinds of KUDOS and LOVE and CONGRATULATIONS on your wonderful Bboys. I love how you've given them so much personality and style. Many thanks for sharing!! ^_____________^

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