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This is another BJD post.


Here's how Genta is shaping up: Volks wig, Silver eyes. Blond mischief.

(hugs and cake to fairemma for fixing up this image for me!)

And you've been wondering about the Bermanns, right? Are they settling in? Are their characters what I expected them to be?

Could there be any doubt about Phang? I mean, really.

I have to admit, though, that I've been struggling to get a bead on the 77. He's resisted all my well-meaning attempts to turn him into my character Val; the more I tried red and brown wigs and 1920s clothes on him, the unhappier he looked. (I mean, unhappy even for a Bermann.) It turns out that what he wanted all along was to move to Amsterdam and just chill.

With apologies to krbuss, I think he's only going to answer to B-boy.

I can live with that.
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