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Doll meme, lifted from Eveshka

I feel like I am so out of touch with everyone and the dolls they own... I know of some dolls that folks have, but not all of them! So show me all your dolls! And introduce them! What's their name? Their mold? You can introduce them individually or throw them all into one image. And you can either comment here or post on your livejournal.

The Customhouse Crew:

Pen, my first BJD and Best Boy; he's an unlimited Customhouse Gene, and he arrived on August 17, 2004. I still remember the panic of paying THAT MUCH MONEY to some company in Korea, even though I had researched and waited for months. Current faceup by engelmech.

Claudine and Flynn: CH Limited Sia and CH Ainomori Jun 2nd. Claudine was the first girl I bought, and my first secondhand BJD. Flynn was the doll who hooked me on BJDs in the first place (thanks to pacific_rin's early 2004 article in FDQ). He came to live with me more than two years later via krbuss, and by a stroke of amazing luck. Both of them are still wearing their default CH faceups!

Matthias, CH "Nell" band Bin. He's actually going out for a different faceup before long (the third time's the charm!), but for now this is more or less what he looks like:

The Dollshe Crew:

Lyon, who started me on the 70cm odyssey: Tensiya Haute Hound. I bought him just after my mother's death, with the money from the small insurance policy she had taken out when she started working in the late 1940s; he's named after her father. Tensiya default faceup.

Atsumori, SA Saint. Poor Atsumori: he doesn't have a cool story, and now Phang has stolen his body, and his ladylove seems to be cozying up to Lyon. *sniffle* Custom faceup from Luts.

The Swan, Dollshe Afghan with slightly modded neck. I bought this doll on eBay, and she was a mess; after some cleanup, I sold her to a friend, who got her a lovely new Tensiya faceup and traded her to another friend, who kept the head and used the body for another project . . . whose buyer put the project on eBay after a while. Friend 1 reacquired the head, I bought the body, et voila. Possibly "The Phoenix" would have been an even better name?

B-boy and Phang, Bermann 77 and modded SA Bermann: oh, come on, is there anybody who doesn't know this tale by now? ;-) As batchix said . . . REPRESENT! Both faceups by thelyn.

The Volks Crew:

Kanbei, SD16 Yukinojo Sawaragi. This is actually Kanbei II, since Kanbei I wound up being sold to finance the absolutely necessary purchase of Flynn . . . but then, amazingly enough, my dolly luck brought another Yukinojo my way. There was a big Kanbei-shaped hole in my household until then, and I'm not parting with this guy, nuh-uh. Volks default faceup.

Trouble, Lucas 1st. Bought on DoA, after enough drama that I thought his name should reflect the troubles he'd seen, sheesh. (Also kinda sorta as an homage to Puccini, you know.) This is the faceup he came with; he has a new one by engelmech that still needs a photoshoot.

Okaru, SD10 Megu on suwarikko body. Her head is 1st-generation pureskin, but I thought she deserved something better than her intractable original body, so we pretend not to notice the color difference between her head and neck. Faceup by Mingyi.

Tierney, School C on suwarikko body. Head bought secondhand on eBay (and I wish I knew who painted this faceup, because it's adorable!), body bought on DoA . . . head sold in a fit of housecleaning . . . head rebought from, er, fourth owner? on DoA . . .

Minako, BW modded F28 girl on older B-02 jointed-torso SD10 body, with option tabi feet. Another doll who finally landed with me after spending time with a couple of earlier doting owners. The Circle of Dolly Life--I love it. Faceup by Ravendolls.

Genta, modded oldskin F28 on SD13 boy body: more eBay luck here! Faceup by Heavybomb.

No picture Tomi, MSD Sakura. Poor Tomi: she was an eBay rescue case, but she doesn't have any decent pictures yet. *sniffle* Will work on this.

The Dollstown Trio:

Kit, DT Mui on 15boy body; Mirah, DT Daisy on 15girl body; Celia, DT Yeondu on 13girl body. There are NO STORIES attached to these dolls, can you believe it? Ordered straightforwardly from AnJongHaK, delivered straightforwardly, faceupped by three wonderful artists, that's all. (Then why do they all look so anxious?) Kit's faceup by Armeleia; Mirah's faceup by thelyn; Celia's faceup by Tanya.

The Shinydolls:

Kikuno, Akali on Thaasa I body. She is my magical memory girl! I received her from Doi Shin-san's own hands in a Buddhist temple outside Tokyo, so if she looks a mite superior, she deserves to. Faceup done in Shin-san's inimitable green-eyebrowed style.

Sumie, Youki-B on Thaasa II body. One Shinydoll is not enough! fairemma's Clio inspired me to want a Youki, and I was curious about the Thaasa II body, so I ordered Sumie when JPOP started offering ShinyDoll orders. (According to Shin-san, this second version of the Youki head "looks smarter." I'm not sure I can see it myself . . . ) Faceup by Korisanzu.

The Souldolls:

Banya, Soul-Double Kanguk. My hakuna matata guy (TM fairemma), and Kikuno's secret crush. Even though he is, of course, a Korean exchange student, and she is class president. ;-) Default Souldoll faceup; I've grown fond of those wacky eyebrows over time.

Mehy, Souldoll Gunun. Well, yeah. One of those amazing, elusive weirdo dolls from the early days of Korean BJD making--he came to me through a WTB post on DoA, and how happy am I? Default Souldoll faceup, holding up very well after five years plus.

The Hybrids:

Izanami Oneesan, Izanagi Otoutosan, and the Brat: Minawadou Saiki heads on Volks SD13 bodies. Am I obsessed with Saiki heads? Um. 'Touto-kun's was a Y!J auction win; after seeing Minawa-san's pictures of her Saiki girl, I decided that he needed a sister, and Celga ordered the second Saiki head for me directly from Minawadou. Both of their faceups are by thelyn. The Brat came to me last fall, after passing through a couple of owners; his faceup is by engelmech.

Susa-no-o: Migidoll tan Ryu. Oooyeah. Migidoll put this head on eBay, already faceupped, and I fell for it so hard that I didn't even think about the problem of finding a body to match. This picture shows him on the first one I tried (Domuya Regular, light tan); he's now on a Volks Cecile the Scarface body.

Everybody else:

Shunshou, Unoa B-el. That is Shunshou the Mighty, thankyouverymuch. He has an eternally optimistic passion for Claudine, and I have the pictures to prove it, too. Bought way back when on DoA; he originally came from Y!J, and his faceup (still in good shape, and much too cute to wipe) is by lovits_oto.

Sejong, Dollti "D." Remember that thrilling couple of months when DollTi was releasing a few Ds one by one on eBay, and no one knew how many there would be? Sejong is the second one they auctioned. I missed the first one because of my trepidation about such an unknown company, wound up buying a different doll as a Christmas consolation prize (poor Etienne the 60cm Narin, and he didn't last long, did he?), and then spent even more money when D #2 showed up on eBay in January or February. All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well. Default DollTi faceup, still haughtily stunning.

Mally Lee, Dollmore Model Bella Auden. This picture doesn't show off her amazing tattoos, but then Mally Lee prefers to take the less-obvious approach. Evenstar faceup, tattooing, and body blushing; Mally Lee was an eBay auction, and I still don't understand why only one person bid against me (not very enthusiastically, at that). Maybe Atsumori really does have a direct line to the kami of eBay auctions?

Grail, Hypermaniac Omiclon. See, there was this random afternoon when I took a sneak peek at eBay, and omg!low-pricedOmiclon! Also omg!low-pricedKsy! A flurry of e-mailing and BINning later, Grail was mine and Bitte was the_impassive's. Shock and awe.

Robin Lowe, CP Elf Shiwoo. I cannot believe I have this doll! As with Flynn, this is one I admired from afar when I first got interested in BJDs--Lowe, one of Aziza's twin Elf Shiwoo models for her fur-wig auction listings (the other twin was Sraa). And then Aziza put the Lowe twin on eBay last year . . .

Glencora, Unidoll Limited UH-13. Bought secondhand on eBay, and yellowing in that gloriously uneven way that French resin does--but she is so perfectly herself that I'm cool with it.
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