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Okay, fellow eye lovers--here are two of my recent acquisitions, just for fun. I'm still struggling to get a picture of the purple/green gradation Silvers that I bought on Y!J, but I'll conquer them one of these days.

18mm DropRops Real Type, Gray & Brown Gradation. I wasn't really paying attention when I set these in Trouble's head, but I love the way they fell into place, with one color showing in each eye.

Aaaaaand the exciting Y!J find: 18mm glass by Lapin. This is a fairly new seller (only 21 feedback as of this auction), but the eyes are gorgeous--not quite like anything else I've seen. As soon as I spotted these, I knew I had to have them. (The cosmos agreed: nobody else even bid on them, whoopee!)

Saved from the auction listing, because I take lousy out-of-doll eye pictures:

The 18mm Gumdrops Blue Grass that I bought just because the color intrigued me, back when Gumdrops preorders actually arrived within a few months, have settled happily with Celia. She resists being photographed, for some reason; Tanya did the loveliest subtle job with her faceup, but I think it will take warmer late-spring/summer outdoor light to do it justice.

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