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Okay, fellow eye lovers--here are two of my recent acquisitions, just for fun. I'm still struggling to get a picture of the purple/green gradation Silvers that I bought on Y!J, but I'll conquer them one of these days.

18mm DropRops Real Type, Gray & Brown Gradation. I wasn't really paying attention when I set these in Trouble's head, but I love the way they fell into place, with one color showing in each eye.

Aaaaaand the exciting Y!J find: 18mm glass by Lapin. This is a fairly new seller (only 21 feedback as of this auction), but the eyes are gorgeous--not quite like anything else I've seen. As soon as I spotted these, I knew I had to have them. (The cosmos agreed: nobody else even bid on them, whoopee!)

Saved from the auction listing, because I take lousy out-of-doll eye pictures:

The 18mm Gumdrops Blue Grass that I bought just because the color intrigued me, back when Gumdrops preorders actually arrived within a few months, have settled happily with Celia. She resists being photographed, for some reason; Tanya did the loveliest subtle job with her faceup, but I think it will take warmer late-spring/summer outdoor light to do it justice.

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I didn't know droprops looked like that. Wow -- I'll have to start paying more attention to them, although I'm trying not to develop an expensive eye addiction (also trying to resist a doll heart addiction).

The Real Type have beautiful detailing on the iris--the gradation colors in both the Real and the Candy styles are amazing, too. And it's fun to wait for the preview and then the ordering slots, too . . . more like gaming than shopping, in a way. ;-)

Dollheart addiction is sadly widespread. *sniffle*

Those striped glass eyes are really unusual! I can see why you needed them. ^_^

I've never seen anything like them! When I checked out the other coeurlapin auctions, I didn't see any two pairs of eyes that looked much the same at all--somebody's having a lot of fun experimenting with threading and colors, yum.

oh those eyes are cool as heck. And I think Celia is just beautiful. I love her coat!!!

That's an Amelie Tailor coat and hat set--it suits her so well, I think! She is just lovely, even if she insists on being sort of gloomy all the time. ;-)

I want drop rops real type duck blue in 16mm for Den but they are such a pain to try and get I'm not making much of an effort.

Those Lapin eyes are pretty cool. I don't imagine you want to share the sellers Y!J name do you?

I'm glad you asked, because I meant to put the seller's name in the post, sheesh!. It's coeurlapin, all one word. They were super-fast about shipping, too--Celga had the eyes in their hands within three or four days of the end of the auction.

DropRops are beautiful, but there isn't any way to predict which sizes and colors will be in any given release. I've had good luck getting some nice ones, but then I pretty much grab anything that catches my eye, and worry later about which doll might wear them. If I had any duck blue, I would send them your way--

oo many thanks! for both.

I love eyes. I'm a Everpurple addict. They remind me of what Zouks used to look like. I have mystics for Giovanni but I think they look better in the smaller sizes. Not a gumdrop fan at all. Give me a hands glass 400 series in every colour please ;)

And seriously what is with the thousand year waits for eyes?

Oh, YEAH -- 400 series for me, too, all the way. I always kick myself when I forget and buy 24 series, because I never wind up keeping them, no matter how nice the color is. *sigh*

Only one pair of Everpurple has passed through my hands; at that point (I think they were from the first order period), I thought they were a tad lifeless, but some of the pairs I see in the Marketplace now look a lot nicer. I need to take another flyer on them, and see what I think this time around.

First order of EPs was not impressive. I have them from the second and third. People do think they're Zouks. They track wonderfully and have really good depth. I'd give them a try.

LOL same with the 24's. Pretty but they ain't 400's!!!

Those Lapin eyes are KILLER!!!

They're all lovely . . . eee!

-- A <3

I have the list of Lapin auctions bookmarked now--this is definitely a seller to watch! I wonder whether Lapin is really new on the scene, or just new to Y!J (after establishing a reputation at doll events first).

The Lapin eyes are stunning, what a lovely color!!

They were beautiful in the auction pictures, but they're even richer in person, yay! It takes some imagination to think of putting blue stripes in an olive eye . . . me likey. ;-)

Absolutely gorgeous! You have the best taste in eyes! I especially love those DropRops.

That is an especially nice pair of DropRops--the DropRops gradations are my favorites, all of a sudden. I managed to snag the Green & Brown Gradations on Friday night; I'm hoping they might be nice for Mirah, since I'm having some trouble making her look alert rather than stoned. ;-)

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