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The Mighty Hunter
I ask you: does this look like the face of a dog who would ambush and kill a poor confused rabbit in the middle of a freak spring blizzard?

Very efficient about it, was our Toshi. Five seconds of scuffling in the frozen twilight, max, and then Tosh bounded onto the back porch to deposit a still-warm (but, thankfully, no longer twitching) full-grown rabbit at my feet. If I hadn't slammed the door fast, he would have carried his trophy inside to decorate the house.


On the other hand, I can't help being impressed by the skill it takes for a spoiled couch potato of a dachshund-mix to (a) sneak up on and (b) execute a rabbit half his own size. If I met a rabbit half my own size, I doubt that I would decide to, you know, attack it. ;-)

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He does look quite pleased with himself. And it does not surprise me in the least.

What a good and clever dog. :)

Just look at "...the soul in the shining eyes of him...".

I used to live with a girl who had several cats that would bring rabbits into the house, and then dismember them under the beds. Good times.

OMG AACK, lol... aack............. she must have died. omg.

She was pretty sanguine about it, the only time I ever saw her upset was the day the telephone company guy came to fix the phone. The jack was situated under her bed and when he moved it out from the wall to do his work, several bits and pieces of bunny were exposed. She had previously checked, but we think the pieces got "lost" in the pattern of the carpet. Telephone guy never said a word though; he just did not put the bed back, so my friend did not know what he had found until after he went away. Her comment? "I thought he looked at me strangely when he left."

oh, dear, i'm sitting here LOLing -- what an awesome story. would have been awesome if he had said "uhh... m'am? there seem to be bunny bits under your bed here. get hungry round midnight? need a snack?"

oh man. awesome story.

This is the "I know they say white wine with white meat, but how would you feel about a merlot with substance (hint hint)" look. The proper response is a head scratch and a belly rub, accompanied with profuse praise that goes along these lines: "What a considerate beastie ... bringing home the, uh, bacon".

I can do mice and voles and even shredded birds (little cringy about those), but I have to do some "ohms" to buck up and ziplock the wee rigoured baby bunnies. Complete empathy.

Yup! That does look like the face of a hunter of small animals. Born and bred in the gene pool he came from - Dachshund. *nods head* :D

umm... yes, it does?

Good boy toshi! you protect the house from that evil soft harmless fluffy bunny... sigh. He thought he was protecting.... sigh.

I read somewhere that our pets deposit presents on the front porch because, really, they feel sorry for us. We really are pretty useless in all things, even with our opposable thumbs, and they take pity on our uselessness and need to provide for us, you see.

Oh, Toshi. eep.

She looks so sweet for such a fierce beast!
The rabbit sounds gross, but you know, free range and maybe organic ...{{shudder}}
My vicious beast has no coordination whatsoever (feline grace! snort!) and so the only prey he ever catches is an unsuspecting human ankle.

You gave him a bad-ass samurai's name, kiddo. What'd you THINK would happen? Toshiro-san hadda live up to it! Go Tosh-man!

If I met a rabbit half my own size, you can bet I'd be attacking it, but I'd be using a CAR. Battering ram - it works on most large targets.

Also cc_lemon is completely correct - he's TOSHI. Of course he's gonna' be all badass and stuff.

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