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Impatience, unredeemed by pictures

I'm on pins and needles, wanting to hear back from Celga about shipping for my Big Box o'Stuff . . . in my fantasy world, it will arrive on or near my birthday, but that's probably unrealistic. (Besides, I'm going to be out of town for a couple of days around my birthday, so what would I do with it anyway??)

When it comes:

1) the guys will try on the two gorgeous black kimono sets I bought. Yum.

2) I will squee over The Head and take pictures of Sejong with it.

3) I will pack up The Head and The Body and send them to thelyn for bootification. And bootyfication. Heh.

4) Oh, yeah, I'll be able to remember how many wigs I impulse-bought because, you know, they aren't really going to add any weight to the package and it's better to include them in the Big Box than to pay separate postage fees for a ton of little auctions and . . . well, hey, they were pretty.

In the meantime:

1) I still haven't finished the personnel letters.

2) I have an entire set of freshman papers to grade.

3) As of Friday, I will also have an entire set of senior/graduate term papers to grade.

4) As of Friday, I will furthermore have an entire set of freshman *revised* papers to grade.

This is not good. I'm drowning in work, only I'm too featherbrained right now to be upset about it. Lalalala BJDs lalala anime lalala Y!J lala Samurai Champloo fanfiction la.
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