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Impatience, unredeemed by pictures
Sasha Blaze
I'm on pins and needles, wanting to hear back from Celga about shipping for my Big Box o'Stuff . . . in my fantasy world, it will arrive on or near my birthday, but that's probably unrealistic. (Besides, I'm going to be out of town for a couple of days around my birthday, so what would I do with it anyway??)

When it comes:

1) the guys will try on the two gorgeous black kimono sets I bought. Yum.

2) I will squee over The Head and take pictures of Sejong with it.

3) I will pack up The Head and The Body and send them to thelyn for bootification. And bootyfication. Heh.

4) Oh, yeah, I'll be able to remember how many wigs I impulse-bought because, you know, they aren't really going to add any weight to the package and it's better to include them in the Big Box than to pay separate postage fees for a ton of little auctions and . . . well, hey, they were pretty.

In the meantime:

1) I still haven't finished the personnel letters.

2) I have an entire set of freshman papers to grade.

3) As of Friday, I will also have an entire set of senior/graduate term papers to grade.

4) As of Friday, I will furthermore have an entire set of freshman *revised* papers to grade.

This is not good. I'm drowning in work, only I'm too featherbrained right now to be upset about it. Lalalala BJDs lalala anime lalala Y!J lala Samurai Champloo fanfiction la.

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Gosh, it must be nice...I wish I had something for sure coming.
Say...you could send some of your stuff.^^

Actually, I'd just love to see more pics of your Hound. He's so darn gorgeous. (Miss Anu has been talking to me about various things with her dolls. I dearly love her, and I do believe I'm gonna visit her one of these days. However, I'll be darn if I can catch some of the things she tells me.) *sigh*

Sooo when is the Birthday? May 2nd was my father's, my father-in-law's and my sister's mother-in-law's....so that's a good day...^^

Hah! Let me see just how far overboard I went with the impulse-wig-buying . . . I might HAVE to send some stuff to you, just to have room to walk through the house.

And when you talk to Anu again, would you relay my thanks and love to her for painting my beautiful Lyon (who is, of course, *more* beautiful than any other Haute Hound she painted. That goes without saying)? Every time I order clothes I carry on at great length about how much I adore him, but the message bears repeating. :-) And what fun, to be thinking about visiting her sometime--I'll send you my Y!J stuff if you'll let me fold myself up and go along in your suitcase, 'k?

Ah, not quite the 2nd, but close: my birthday is the 4th. And since I got my payment receipt from Celga this afternoon, I'm hoping that the package went out by EMS today. (Well, today, Japan time.)

Bootyfication? O_o

Let me dust off the wand...lol. I'm jealous of the haul you have coming...especially those kimonos! Gorgeous!

Have you gotten to Bogus Booty yet? Yer killin me here! I wanna talk about it! LOL

JUST got to it! MUST watch it again! ^___^

And hmmm, I think an airbrush will work better than a wand, but hey, you're the expert . . . LOL

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