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Sweet Saturday morning.
Took Toshi to groomer for nail-clipping and bath.
Stopped at local panaderia for coconut- & jelly-topped cakey thing of unknown name.
Mailed Very Special Package to a mountain eyrie out west.
Spent an hour at the department's annual Glass Blowout, watching visiting artist do the glassmaker's dance with fire.
Opened the doors and windows to let the spring wind into my house.
Talked to a friend on the phone.
Watched some anime.
Knitted while watching anime.
Took a few pictures of Celia; this one's my favorite.

Going to stretch out on the couch with my dog now and take a nap.

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A wonderful Saturday afternoon

Sounds like a fun and relaxing way to spend a Saturday. I think my couch becons me. I have to get there first before I sit on a silly dog yorkie. I did send you a PM email thingy about a t-shirt m'dear.

Sounds like an awesome way to spend the day. What anime did you watch?

Celia's adorble, btw! LOVE that wig on her!

beautiful picture of Celia!!

Very sweet girl. Such a pensive expression. Nice.

Celia is so lovely. I love her delicacy and pensive expression.
I wish I could get my DT girl (Soph) to work.

What a lovely sounding Saturday. It is cold and rainy here :(

Really BEAUTIFUL photo of a absolutely GORGEOUS girl. KUDOS!! :)

She is just lovely .. pensive and mature
Who did her faceup?

I totally love this girl <3

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