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Because gloryskies posted lovely dog pictures!
Toshi smile
I took these way back last fall but never got around to posting them, urk.

Toshi says: Play with me OR ELSE.

He really doesn't ride this low . . . honest! The camera adds 15 pounds. ;-)

I was looking back at the first pictures I took when Toshi came home, and wow . . . was he a puppy when I got him, or was he a puppy? "Adult dog," the shelter said. Gimme a break.

And something for those of you who are only here for the dolls! Genta's T-shirt was made by my dear friend sillydogs.


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I seriously need a dog icon - adorable!!!!

You have an adorable dog, so YES, you need an icon! *sending a big virtual bone to the precious puppers*

awww look at that cute little face, this was a good way to start off this morning!

He does have cuteness on his side! It lets him get away with an awful lot . . . I think dogs and babies are in league against the grownup world, that way. ;-)

Toshi rules! He looks at the camera so intensely. And that t-shirt is awesome.

Isn't the T-shirt faboo?? Lora surprised me with it--what a cool idea!

OMG, so is Citrina! LOOK at that laugh . . . unless it's a POUNCE getting ready to land . . .

Awwww, what a cute lowrider! He has such beautiful markings on his face. :3 And ha ha, they told you that little puppy-butt was an adult? Bravo, shelter. Maybe he dazzled them with his eyebrows and they got confused?

Oh, the shelter here is run by idiots. They're well-meaning, for the most part, but they're idiots. And it had been so long since I was around a dog that hey, I fell for the whole "all grown up, you betcha" thing. No wonder I have holes in all my furniture from the first six months of hyperactive chewing!

The eyebrows do slay me. What a character the Tosh is . . .

OMG your doggy is soo cute!
LOL that shirt ROCKS!
I need one with my cat for my doll LULS!

Isn't the shirt great? sillydogs is brilliant! :-)

I LOVE your icon! *hugs*

o o o what a great little doggiekins.

The boys are gorgeous, gah more doll pics please. The dog shirt rocks.

Toshi is so much fun--especially now that he's NOT A PUPPY ANYMORE. gah. (Though I look back at that baby picture and think I didn't enjoy his puppy stage enough. Then I remember that that's because I was frantically trying to keep everything chewable out of his reach.)

Lora is doing a fabulous job with the shirts--I wish she'd decide to take commissions one of these days, so maybe when she isn't so busy . . .

OMG he was only even like a 7 month old when you got him, too, omg. look at the difference!!!

he's so cute. I love the pic of him with that orange thing in his mouth.

the tshirt is awesome!!!!!!!!!

I love that picture of him with his orange bad cuz, too. COME AND PLAY WITH ME RIGHT NOW OR I MAY HAVE TO BITE YOU. lollllllllll!

The Toshi picture at the front of some of your responses is the picture I used. I just did a little cutting. Glad you like it.

Re: Toshi the hunter

You see how great it looks on Genta! *hugs*

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