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If I could only train him to grade papers . . .
Sasha Blaze
. . . my life would be much less stressful right now.

Lyon in full-out grad student mode. For oriscany.

Secret Agent Man. Okay, blurry Secret Agent Man.

Awwwwwww, sleepy! Or . . . something like that. Heh.

My favorite picture of him EVER. Ever, ever, ever. Doesn't he look like a Real Boy?


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Oh Cynthia...Thank you!! Thank you, Thank you.

Say, when I was a grad student, I never looked that good. ^0^
And, I had a ton of books and papers/notebooks to lug around. Plus, I think I ran everywhere I was going. Aaah, those were the days.^^ (Going to my 8:00 classes in my pjs and trench coat, because my dear roomie would turn the alarm off before she went to bed. I was the only girl in my classes, too. Those guys used to make fun of me endlessly...) ^0^

He is gorgeous, flat out. I love those light blue eyes, but I have a feeling any eyes would be wonderful. Without a doubt he's got the most beautiful blushing of any of her dolls. I'll tell you more later...I gotta run in a few minutes. Those are Anu wigs?

Thank you so very much. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your wonderful photos...and I'll tell her you love your boy. He's the most beautiful guy I've seen, that's for sure.....^^

Awww, thank *you*!

When I was a grad student, I never looked that good, either. There were always rumors that gorgeous grad students existed somewhere on campus, but they certainly weren't in my department. ;-)

The light blue eyes are his defaults, and aren't they wonderful? The darker ones are Masterpiece Precious Stone, which I also like quite a bit, though I think I'm ready to switch back to the defaults again. These particular wigs aren't from Tensiya, though I do have and adore a couple of Anu's fur wigs; the black one is from a Japanese maker whose name I've forgotten (tsk tsk), and the pale blond one is Aziza's.

I left you a PM on DoA about your gorgeous boy.

Aw, that's my favorite, too! He IS a real boy.

Your guy is so gorgeous - what an incredible face-up! Nice, nice, nice!

Anu does such amazing work--I treasure this guy, for all kinds of reasons.
Lyon is so versatile . . . he looks great in elaborate costumes, in going-to-wash-the-car clothes, and in everything in between.

He is SUCH a cutie!!! I wub him to pieces! He does look very real. So very cute. :)

He really is a cutie--other people's Hounds manage to look intimidating and haughty, but mine keeps relaxing into adorableness. Slightly grumpy adorableness, but still.

I need to dig out and upload my Lyon-onmyoji pictures one of these days, too. Mmmmmmm.

*Lyon love*

I love the pic of him in the black turtleneck. ^_^

I adore black turtlenecks in general--sooner or later I'll wind up with more than one per doll, because I buy them every time I see them.

No wonder I can never find them! ^_~

Hee! Ya just gotta come to visit, and raid my plastic bins . . .

They ARE surprisingly hard to find, though. We need to get Mutti on the job! (After her birthday, of course. Happy Birthday, Mutti!)

My 1st fav is the secret agent man ...very real
And the last pic is fab too, he looks like a boy I know

Thanks! <3

I want to reshoot the black-turtleneck pictures some time; I was playing with some odd light and so I got nice background stuff going on, but blur in the foreground. Ptooey.

Oh man, that last pic is so real! He is yummy as a blonde.

That Aziza wig on him absolutely slays me. It never looked quite right on Pen or any of the others, but when I plopped it on this one's head . . . mmmmmyeah, there's our everyday look. I just got a slightly longer, slightly darker blond Aziza wig for him that I like a lot, too. Even though he has those black eyebrows, I like him with light hair.

can I go to school where HE'S going???

gorgeous boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

rawr.. i do love that last pic of him too!!

Well, you know where he's going to school . . . LOL!

Your Hound is quite possible one of the very few I really do like. ^^
However... Would I be out of line to requst less tall lanky boys and more Claudine/Simon Elias? *puppy eyes*

I received the wig yesterday, too...! Miya kindly thanks you. ^____^

I'm glad the wig got there before the end of the week!! Hope it suits Miya beautifully . . . let's see, sometime, 'k?

And I can't resist puppy eyes--Claudine did get her very own entry a while ago (April 14), so that might tide you over until I take new pictures. ^__^ Poor Simon is getting very little playtime . . . I seem to be fresh out of ideas for him, somehow . . . :(

(Deleted comment)
Aiieee, that's IT! I knew something was nagging at me about the blond wig and the turtleneck! (And I had the biggest crush on Ilya for YEARS when I was a kid, too. Shame on me.)

Those boots make me so happy--for one thing, they're among the very few pairs of shoes that actually fit Hound feet, and then they're Just. So. Real. I own (but never seem to wear) a pair that looks exactly like them . . .

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