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Today's theme is: GREEN.

Also INTRODUCTIONS, because I've been in something of an acquisitive mode recently. *koffkoff*

Daisy is an I-Doll Studio Byul; a lot of you have already seen her on thelyn's LJ, because Lyn gave her this fabulous faceup. (Froggy green Hitomiya eyes with brown pupils.)

Eliza is a Dollstown Soph B on the DT elf body, with somewhat modded eyes. I bought the head from Dollstown's "makeup shop," and liked it so much that I decided I had to have the body to go with it.

And Sanna, who just arrived yesterday, is a Volks Emma; after months of watching her eBay store listing, I figured she might as well be my consolation prize for the cancelled NY Dolpa. Or something like that, hee.

One of these days it will stop raining, and I'll be able to get some decent pictures. Maybe. ;-)
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