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The Guilt Pile, or, isn't this something I used to do before the dolls showed up?
Sasha Blaze
Once upon a time, I bought books and I read books. A lot of books. Lately, I find myself buying . . . ummmmm, errrrr . . . other things.

Here's what's on my guilt pile: books that I bought ages ago with the best intentions but never managed to start, much less finish. Maybe if I list them here, I'll feel guilty enough to read them, or at least sell them so they don't keep staring at me accusingly?

In no particular order, then:

Jim Wallis, God's Politics
Jasper Fforde, Lost in a Good Book
Eric Jager, The Last Duel
Susanna Clarke, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
Jane Glover, Mozart's Women
Mark Bittmann, The Best Recipes in the World
Hillel Halkin, A Strange Death
Franklin Toker, Fallingwater Rising
Anne Mendelson, Stand Facing the Stove
David Gilmour, The Long Recessional
Denise Mina, Field of Blood
Donald L. Miller, City of the Century
Carol Field, Italy in Small Bites
Alexander McCall Smith, 44 Scotland Street
Jack Canfield (et al), The Power of Focus
Terry Eagleton, After Theory

*insert DoA eyeroll smiley*

This makes me wonder what I've actually been reading. Let's see:

Bleach (up to volume 7 as of this morning)
Legal Drug
Antique Bakery (volume 3 on the way any day now!)
Absolute Boyfriend
Keiko McDonald, Reading a Japanese Film
Here is Greenwood (saving volume 9 for a really bad day)
Michael Pearce, A Dead Man in Trieste, The Point in the Market, and (in progress) A Dead Man in Istanbul
Nigella Lawson, Feast
Nita Abrams, The Spy's Kiss (her books deserve much better titles and much less embarrassing covers, *sigh*)

And, of course, the books for my classes, some more interesting than others. Note to self: stop by the office today and bring home Great Expectations, because it's been too long since you reread that one.

Wow, I feel as if I've accomplished something here. It's almost as good as doing laundry.
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Yow. For a second there, I thought I'd written this post - I wrote nearly the same thing in my personal diary last night. Thought I might have been delirious and posted it somehow. !!

Yeah, anyway, same here.

Ha! Maybe this oughta be a meme: The 20 Books You Bought But Will Probably Never Force Yourself to Read/The 10 Books You're Reading Instead.

BTW, your userpic takes my breath away. I like being breathless.

(Deleted comment)
Eagleton has his moments, but IMHO they're all in the early books, before he became TERRY EAGLETON. (_The Rape of Clarissa_ is good criticism, at least as I remember it.)

I really, really wish I could remember where or why I bought that copy of _After Theory_. *poking memory, which refuses to wake up*

No, alas, theory isn't my area . . . I'm a Victorian specialist by training, and an Old Historicist/material culture one at that. Food, I can do food. And sheet music. Er, Berlin wool work patterns. Ect, as my students insist on writing. ;-)

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