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Den of Angels isn't the only place where a birthday is happening.
Five years ago today, I had my first BJD box opening.

I didn't even own a camera, digital or otherwise. I bought a disposable camera to take the pictures, no kidding.

I had noooooo idea what to do with this doll . . . he was huge, and jointy, and he didn't look like the Customhouse website pictures at ALL. Did he? Um . . .

But eventually we started to figure each other out, Pen and me.

Okay, so this was a dead end (though I still think the sweater was pretty good for the first attempt):

Ahhhhh, now we're getting somewhere!

Coming into his own:

A temporary setback--beautiful faceup, but some other CH Gene's expression:

Happy birthday, Best Boy!

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled LJ radio silence. :-)

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He's so beautiful. Happy birthday to both of you.

Man, that five years went fast. And they also seemed to go on forever. You know!

In so many ways, YES!! But then when I look back and think about everything that's happened . . . that was a serious chunk of lifespan, whoo.

Happy Birthday Penn! Great to see the pics of him through the years Cynthia. I started down this road about the same time as you did, but my group has changed so much during the 5 years that none of my original dolls still remain with me. Oh, and I really love that rust sweater!

Yeah, I think I'll have to reproduce the rust sweater one of these days! Poor Pen--those were the days when I sold sweaters off his back as soon as I finished them. ;-)

I still have the pad with my scribbled notes for that one--hmmmm, I wonder if I can find a similar yarn for the base color now???

Bear hugs to Ghaleon, Pen's sempai in the BJD life! :-)

Hey Penn .. you havent aged a day .. and actually look so much better!

Ain't it the truth? Those box-opening pictures crack me up, and so do the glassy green-eyed pictures from the early days.

(Deleted comment)
I was glad to see that I could dig up as many evolution pictures for Pen as this--and I'm with you, because I love seeing how people's dolls have developed over time!

Awwww, happy birthday, Pen!

Still gorgeous, and obviously still loved! ^____^

-- A :D

Oooooyeah! Loved so much that he got a girlfriend for his birthday . . . ;-)

EEEEE!!!! She is LOVELY! Lucky Pen!

-- A :D

That's so awesome! I can't believe you went out and bought a camera, lol.
He's turned into such a beautiful character.

I can't believe I didn't HAVE a camera! ROFFFFFFFLLLLL It didn't take me long to decide that digital was the only way to go--what a pain, getting the disposable camera pictures developed, then scanning and uploading them . . . urgh.

It's lovely to see him coming into himself -- the transformation is amazing. So what grabbed you that you had to get a bjd and it had to be him? I always find that first moment of addiction enchantment fascinating.

I can remember what pulled at me--first, the owner of a fashion-doll forum I was on pretty frequently had a Customhouse Miya, and I was fascinated with this new kind of doll. At that point, though, the girls really weren't all that interesting to me . . . but then pacific_rin had an article in an early issue of FDQ, with gorgeous pictures of her CH Gene and Ainomori Jun (who's now mine!!!). It took me months to commit to spending that kind of money on a doll, but I just couldn't get the CH boys out of my mind.

Happy Birthday Pen! I loved seeing this set of pictures, it's interesting to see the changes and it shows that he is well loved.

I love the rust sweater too.

Hugs! And, as always, Flynn sends his love--I look at him every day, and can't believe that his travels brought him in my direction. ;-)

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