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Den of Angels isn't the only place where a birthday is happening.

Five years ago today, I had my first BJD box opening.

I didn't even own a camera, digital or otherwise. I bought a disposable camera to take the pictures, no kidding.

I had noooooo idea what to do with this doll . . . he was huge, and jointy, and he didn't look like the Customhouse website pictures at ALL. Did he? Um . . .

But eventually we started to figure each other out, Pen and me.

Okay, so this was a dead end (though I still think the sweater was pretty good for the first attempt):

Ahhhhh, now we're getting somewhere!

Coming into his own:

A temporary setback--beautiful faceup, but some other CH Gene's expression:

Happy birthday, Best Boy!

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled LJ radio silence. :-)
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