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Well, if people WILL sell off beautiful older BJDs for cheap . . .

. . . how can I be expected to resist?

Introducing Nini, a Customhouse Shaman Varim from 2005, on the old CH girl body that I love so much. She's one of only a handful of Shaman Varims, I think, unless CH sold a bunch of them in Korea:

Not quite so old, but underappreciated by the general BJD public, as I think all CH dolls are: Simone, the Unique Happy Wedding Miya from 2007.

While I'm on the theme of Customhouse and its friends & relations, I have to say that I'm quite pleased with Eunmi, the Dollcatch Erenne that I ordered in May and that arrived a couple of weeks ago. I know Dollcatch has pretty well destroyed its own reputation by now, but I have to wonder whether some of the badmouthing about quality issues is exaggerated because people are mad about the wait times. Eunmi is a beauty--full of character and life right out of the box--and despite what people are posting in various places, the seamlines are no more prominent than on any other unsanded doll I have. Plus, isn't this a nice company faceup?

Please to be excusing the nassssssty flassssshessss, because this has been a freakishly dark and wet August out here in the midsection.
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