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Um. Er.
Confession time: the bevy of CHish cuties in the previous post doesn't make up the entire group of recent arrivals.


This is Douro. Unless his name turns out to be Cho. I'm having a bit of a struggle in the name department.

Can you Spot That Sculpt? There may be prizes! ;-)

He is an artist sculpt (head and body).

He was not ordered through a shopping service, or from Yahoo!Japan.

He is wearing Iplehouse Y.I.D. clothes. (Hey, I never said all the clues would be helpful!)

He will soon be unavailable, because the artist is working on new dolls.

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Ain't he just? It took me a few days to find the right look for him (not to mention clothes that would fit that skinny, long-legged body), but I think we're getting there at last.

Hey, speaking of catdolls: did you see the Volks Baron that was on eBay last week? The auction looked a bit fishy (*koffkoff*), but if it really was a legit sale of a Baron, I wish someone had snapped him up.

Ooohh, no, I didn't!

I keep feeling like I ought to have a Baron for completeness' sake, but the sculpted gloves/shoes turn me off (I'd originally contemplated getting one and making original hands and feet to replace them), and the face sculpt is a little more ratty than catty to me, so I'd rather that any of the few Barons around go to someone who would appreciate him as he is.

With that said, he's still a nifty doll and I love seeing him occasionally pop up on my radar!

I've been enjoying myself by reading through the new and old Unusual/Unpopular Doll Threads on DoA, and seeing some CH beauties in the process!

-- A :)

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