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Um. Er.
Confession time: the bevy of CHish cuties in the previous post doesn't make up the entire group of recent arrivals.


This is Douro. Unless his name turns out to be Cho. I'm having a bit of a struggle in the name department.

Can you Spot That Sculpt? There may be prizes! ;-)

He is an artist sculpt (head and body).

He was not ordered through a shopping service, or from Yahoo!Japan.

He is wearing Iplehouse Y.I.D. clothes. (Hey, I never said all the clues would be helpful!)

He will soon be unavailable, because the artist is working on new dolls.

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Oh duh, he's on his default body! Plainly, not enough caffeine today. I think I can pants him. We should talk.

No, wait - Keid Duo - and yes, I looked at the Lumedoll site. My bad. It was driving me nuts.

Hee! We have Winner #2!! The hot pink mohair sweater is yours if you like it--otherwise, I might have something else in my stash. ;-)

He really shouldn't be too hard to pants, especially now that I've figured out he's just a bit thinner than Iplehouse Y.I.D. The Iplehouse length is perfect. Talk we will.

And I keep looking at Izar (that's a fascinating face!), but when I come right down to it, I have to admit that Izar is a bit too much of a tough for me. Sejong gets to be the toughest guy in this house--I don't want him towered over by a bald yakuza guy with multiple earrings, you know?

The face sculpts are very cool and I love the body. Izar kind of calls me, but I keep telling myself I'm not going there.

The body ... I'd sure love to play with one. Maybe I need to make a trek out your way.

I did make pants for an Izar once and I got a good report from the owner. Do let's talk. Maybe some trading is in order.

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