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Um. Er.
Confession time: the bevy of CHish cuties in the previous post doesn't make up the entire group of recent arrivals.


This is Douro. Unless his name turns out to be Cho. I'm having a bit of a struggle in the name department.

Can you Spot That Sculpt? There may be prizes! ;-)

He is an artist sculpt (head and body).

He was not ordered through a shopping service, or from Yahoo!Japan.

He is wearing Iplehouse Y.I.D. clothes. (Hey, I never said all the clues would be helpful!)

He will soon be unavailable, because the artist is working on new dolls.

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(Deleted comment)
Hee hee hee! I say, when you can work a piece of clothing in all directions, go for it! What's the fun in leaving stuff on all the time? Anybody can do that.

Yay for the impending new faceup! I'll be eager to see how it turns out--

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