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Um. Er.
Confession time: the bevy of CHish cuties in the previous post doesn't make up the entire group of recent arrivals.


This is Douro. Unless his name turns out to be Cho. I'm having a bit of a struggle in the name department.

Can you Spot That Sculpt? There may be prizes! ;-)

He is an artist sculpt (head and body).

He was not ordered through a shopping service, or from Yahoo!Japan.

He is wearing Iplehouse Y.I.D. clothes. (Hey, I never said all the clues would be helpful!)

He will soon be unavailable, because the artist is working on new dolls.

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(Deleted comment)
I'm a little sorry now that I sold those Gumdrops Antiquity eyes. At the time, I saw them and recoiled (omgPINK!), because I had expected more of a dusty mauvey-purple color, but now I can think of quite a few uses for them. Bleah.

Bluish gray is THE hardest color to find in eyes, I think. I wonder whether there's something especially tricky about the interaction of gray and blue pigments in the silicone eyes? I can't come up with any other explanation for the paucity, because bluish-gray ought to be a fairly popular color. (If hard glass would even possibly work, what about Volks cadet blue?)

Evenstar did an incredible job on the tats, didn't she?!

(Deleted comment)
I started out liking silicones a lot, but I've moved back toward glass (and, even better, urethane)--in most colors, they just seem more reflective and "alive," somehow. There are exceptions! Masterpiece Precious Stone is my favorite blue of all time; it has a glow to it that I haven't seen in any other eye, no matter what the material is.

If you find yourself wanting to try a pair of HG cadet blues, let me know what size--I might have 'em, and you would be more than welcome to borrow them for a trial. :-)

(Deleted comment)
I'll see whether I still have 14mm cadet blues, and if I do, I'll put them in with Emma's sweater (since I've been out of it with a sinus infection and didn't get to the post office yesterday)!

(Deleted comment)
Rummaging through eyes is always fun--I just hope I didn't cough any germs on the pair I slipped into Emma's package! ;) They aren't Cadet Blues (I must have sold that pair after all), but I think they might be worth a try. See what you think, and let me know, hmmm?

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