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Be not forgetful to entertain strangers:

for thereby some have entertained



This is Cherry (or, if you're in a more formal mood and prefer to use his Japanese name, Sakuranbo). He's a first-release Volks Sakaki; when I sprang him from eBay, he had this faceup, which I think is by ButterflyCollector. It's not bad except for the caterpillar eyebrows, but even so, I think he deserves better, so he'll be off to Mingyi for a freshening-up next month.

Very few BJDs are left on my wishlist, now, mainly because the "old" ones are falling into my lap like acorns in October . . . just wait till you see! And because this is the way things go sometimes, my turn toward the earlier resin is making me rethink some of the more recent arrivals--beautiful dolls, all of them, but not quite coming to life for me in the way that I'd hoped they would. The ones who need to leave are all going to good people; the Circle of Dolly Life is revolving just the way it should. All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.
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Oh, so you got him! I know who his previous owner is, and one of the local Tampa-area faceup artists painted him. (Though you're right, he definitely needs new eyebrows. >_<) I'll look forward to seeing him repainted! Sakaki is such a sweet boy. ^_^

About some of your newer older resin, I've been waiting to see a certain white skinned boy that I know you bought right before I got a chance to figure out a way to bring him home. XD;

Humma humma humma . . . would said white-skinned boy hail from Hiroshima, by any chance?

*evil giggle*

If so, I think you'll agree that he's looking verrrrrrrrry verrrrrrry good now--if the sun comes out again this weekend, there will be pictures!

He would indeed be from that part of the world! XD

Oooh, then I hope the sun comes out! :D

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