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More Lume love
Well, the eBay Rescue Project continues apace . . . spotted this lovely head with Ravendolls faceup and couldn't resist him.

Introducing Migros, a Lumedoll Saiph; he's sharing Cho the Keid Duo's body for the time being, until I decide whether I really want a body for each of them.

In other news, I also scored a lovely SwD School A head on eBay (with eyes modded to half-mast and quite a nice faceup) . . . I'm waiting for his body to arrive, so we'll do the introduction later. And there will indeed be a Christmas doll at my house again this year: a Kanata is coming my way via Kerbey Lane, so yay.

I'm really not feeling much like putting RL stuff online right now--suffice it to say that all is well and very well with both Toshi and me, just kinda hectic with work and randomosity.

Randomosity A: I'm in an orchestra again, after almost ten years of having nowhere to play my bassoon. Am I rusty, and are my reeds in sad shape? Oh, my. But my embouchure and diaphragm muscles are slowly remembering that they used to be all firm and toned . . . baby steps, baby steps.

Randomosity B: The Heartbreak Yakuza is such an astonishingly lame movie that it makes The Geisha look like high art. I'm just saying. (Of course, The Geisha has Ogata Ken in it, which helps me swallow a lot more trashy melodrama than I could ordinarily stomach. *major crush on Ogata Ken*)

Randomosity C: Criterion is making me insane with this new $300 Kurosawa box set. FINALLY, Sugata Sanshiro 1 and 2, The Most Beautiful, AND Those Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail will be available on non-bootleg, decently-subtitled DVDs--BUT only as part of an expensive package that also includes twenty-one films that I already own in (mostly) better Criterion editions with more extras. I had fantasized about having The Most Beautiful available for my spring Women in Japanese Film & Lit class, and here it is. BUT. *grrrrrrrrr* *will beg and grovel at the university's acquisitions librarian on Monday*

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I never have a good grasp of how Criterion handles releases in different countries. I will say that more of Kurosawa's early films seem to be available in decent subtitled UK editions--I've been considering splashing out on a UK-compatible DVD player, just so I could watch everything that I can't get in the US.

Sooooooo what's on layaway? Do tell!! ;-)

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Hee! I would say Dodo has indeed become a currency . . . I don't suppose S. would agree to become Dodo's owner of record, instead of a cash payback? ;-)

Ohhhhhhhh--I do love the Gotz Sashas. I have one darling slate-eyed brunette with crazy thinning hair; I'd love to have one of the Gotz schoolboys sometime, and (dream of dreams) a yellow-eyed redhead. What is your new girl like?

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