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Aaaaaand the modded SwD School A makes his debut, just in time for the weekend. This is Aino:

I'm on a Finnish-names kick, for some reason, and apparently "Aino" means "the only one," which a modded head certainly is. ;-)

He's on an SD10 jointed-torso boy body, which I love qua body, but I have to say that I'm not 100% in love with the (bobbleheaded) way he looks on it. He looked ridiculously perchy and pinheaded on an SD13 boy body, though . . . so which is worse, pinhead or bobblehead? Argh. Suggestions, anybody? (Yeah, yeah, yeah: buy a Minoru Wossname for the SDGr body. I thought of that one, but the expense involved appalls even me.)
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