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Toshi smile
Aaaaaand the modded SwD School A makes his debut, just in time for the weekend. This is Aino:

I'm on a Finnish-names kick, for some reason, and apparently "Aino" means "the only one," which a modded head certainly is. ;-)

He's on an SD10 jointed-torso boy body, which I love qua body, but I have to say that I'm not 100% in love with the (bobbleheaded) way he looks on it. He looked ridiculously perchy and pinheaded on an SD13 boy body, though . . . so which is worse, pinhead or bobblehead? Argh. Suggestions, anybody? (Yeah, yeah, yeah: buy a Minoru Wossname for the SDGr body. I thought of that one, but the expense involved appalls even me.)

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(Deleted comment)
I think I'd better go back in that direction--maybe pinhead *is* better than trollish bobblehead, after all. (Apropos of nothing, I do wish I knew who painted this faceup--it's lovely.)

The good news is that I have a Kanata coming for Christmas, and he will benefit from the jointed-torso body. All shall be well!

Ya, I'm not a fan of the SD10 boy bodies.....the closest I have is the Tenshi body, which I think is SD13 scaled also.
Get a SDGr, they are really fantastic!



Yaa, there is that.
I was lucky to get my Ryoya in a trade, but I wouldn't mind another SDGr body at some point.

I wish Volks would do what they didn't do with the SD16 or SD17 bodies, and add the SDGr to FCS. A sunlight SDGr would be so totally perfect for Susa, my tan Migidoll Ryu . . . and then there's this guy . . .

I keep dreaming they'll add SD17, because I need another of those. Supposedly Volks said they would never do another SD16, that Yukinojo was a one shot deal, so I wonder about that.

(Deleted comment)
I'm fascinated by the whole color-trends business--it's so marketing-driven! Right now, yup, yellow-gray seems to be everywhere (and PURPLE, don't get me started on purple . . . a color I could happily live without). This is why I hoard yarn, and snatch up any vintage yarns in interesting colors that I run across.

See, there's always a justification for hoarding yarn. And fabric. *nods*

He's a fantastic looking boy, beautiful faceup, love the sweaters, and lovely pictures!! :)

PS - do you make dollie sweaters anymore?

Aww, thank you!! He *is* pretty, and whoever did the faceup does have a lovely touch.

That cardigan is from Nightfall Walker--some not-so-punky phase that she went through a few years ago. And you bet I'm still knitting, but right now, thanks to work and other stuff, I'm starting a lot more projects than I'm managing to finish. I have an Etsy shop set up, but it needs stock . . . ;-)

Do you have a link to your Etsy shop? Well you make an announcement when you get some sweaters up? Not in a great rush in December but maybe January/February when winter is outside a sweater would be good.

Ooooyeah, I'll link and announce once I actually have some stuff in there--and yup, it probably will be after Christmas/after second semester starts. Everybody, including me, is just too swamped right now to deal with anything new!

Oh but he is pretty. He really has that wonderful thoughtful look that I adore in the A.

I spent a loooooooong time not appreciating the A, but when I fell, I fell hard--as of yesterday, there's an open-eyed A heading this way from Y!J, too. I'm scary-close to having at least one of every Lucai-family head, eepers.

This eye mod is so well-done--just the right amount of opening to make him look meditative instead of asleep. Yay for eBay rescues!!

It really is nicely done. Yeah ebay and the marketplace are really full of neat stuff right now. Though I do wish I had a pile of money to deal with some of it.

Did you go for the pretty A girl that was there? Or was it a boy? :) Heh, sorry for jumping in here . . .

Hee! Mine is a boy--I think--though the first auction picture shows a pretty darn girly wig: http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w45474743

(And that reminds me--I need to save those pictures before the seller takes them down!)

Oh he's beautiful!

I have both of my SchA - one open-eyed, one SwD - on SD13 boy bodies and I like the fit, but these things are subjective. They're fairly large heads in my view. If you'd like me to take some pics of either or both of them on the SDGr body, let me know!

Miranda has a SchA girl on a SD16 body and it looks wonderful. You might want to consider it!

This faceup is definitely pretty enough to be a girl, but . . . I dunno, I look at both versions of the SchA and always see boy. With or without stage makeup, heh. (I think this is why the Masha didn't stick around for very long--she was just too Lucai/A-like to work for me as a girl. Minako the F28 gets by because of the mods.)

He is lovely, I agree about the body, that head is BIG.
What a sweet expression ... not too sweet though.

Right now, I think one of the slightly smaller oldskin SD13 boy bodies will be the way to go--I see a surprising (to me, anyway) amount of size variation in the SD13 boys I have here, and the earliest ones are the shrimpiest. Though I also know people who are happy with the Demon Garden boy body as an alternative to SD13, and it's certainly an affordable option . . . hmmm.

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