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One more arrival . . . more glam than we're used to!

This is Kije, a white School A; he's waiting for his own body, and for the moment has hijacked Snip's (the Hiroshima Chris).

Kije was something of an impulse buy on Y!J; Laura, if you're reading this, no, this still isn't the Christmas boy. Kije does have a heavy-handed faceup (more so than I expected from the auction pictures, I have to confess), and I'm getting used to him bit by bit. Sometimes I glance over, catch him at a bad angle, and think, "OMG, how ugly is that doll??" But I like him a lot closeup, and also through the camera lens. Just have to figure out who he is, I guess!

Vague ramblings . . . I'm killing a little time between the painfully early hour when Toshi has taken to waking me up, and the also-early hour when I have to take him to get his nails clipped and his smelly self bathed. (Oh, the luxury of being able to foist those jobs off on a professional!) Then it's off to winter commencement, collect my destinkified pooch afterwards, and home again to finish grading the final papers and portfolios from my remedial-composition classes. I haven't touched the Christmas cards yet, though I did get presents mailed on Monday; if I buckle down to the grading this afternoon, I can spend all day tomorrow on the cards, and maybe have a remote chance of their arriving on time.

When I was in graduate school, I knew someone who routinely sent her Christmas cards in July. I always admired her for choosing her own date and sticking to it, though I'm too bound by convention to do the same.

I'm having a lot of fun with Laura Gilkey's old knitting patterns from the DoA archive; her side-to-side MSD sweater pattern turns out to have all kinds of possibilities that I don't think the pictures accompanying the pattern really showed. Still aiming to stock up my Etsy shop between Christmas and New Year . . . I'll announce when it happens!
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