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One more arrival . . . more glam than we're used to!
This is Kije, a white School A; he's waiting for his own body, and for the moment has hijacked Snip's (the Hiroshima Chris).

Kije was something of an impulse buy on Y!J; Laura, if you're reading this, no, this still isn't the Christmas boy. Kije does have a heavy-handed faceup (more so than I expected from the auction pictures, I have to confess), and I'm getting used to him bit by bit. Sometimes I glance over, catch him at a bad angle, and think, "OMG, how ugly is that doll??" But I like him a lot closeup, and also through the camera lens. Just have to figure out who he is, I guess!

Vague ramblings . . . I'm killing a little time between the painfully early hour when Toshi has taken to waking me up, and the also-early hour when I have to take him to get his nails clipped and his smelly self bathed. (Oh, the luxury of being able to foist those jobs off on a professional!) Then it's off to winter commencement, collect my destinkified pooch afterwards, and home again to finish grading the final papers and portfolios from my remedial-composition classes. I haven't touched the Christmas cards yet, though I did get presents mailed on Monday; if I buckle down to the grading this afternoon, I can spend all day tomorrow on the cards, and maybe have a remote chance of their arriving on time.

When I was in graduate school, I knew someone who routinely sent her Christmas cards in July. I always admired her for choosing her own date and sticking to it, though I'm too bound by convention to do the same.

I'm having a lot of fun with Laura Gilkey's old knitting patterns from the DoA archive; her side-to-side MSD sweater pattern turns out to have all kinds of possibilities that I don't think the pictures accompanying the pattern really showed. Still aiming to stock up my Etsy shop between Christmas and New Year . . . I'll announce when it happens!

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Oh he's got such a soft look. He's gorgeous. I love School As.

I think he is beautiful. :)

Congrats on another beauty, C!

And here's to those of us who keep that road to Hell paved! ;)

Beautiful boy, Sch A is such a pretty sculpt. Congrats!

Loooove Kije!
I spied him yesterday on the School head thread, and I thought what a great colorful faceup he has. I actually like dolls with a bit more paint, so I find him lovely. He'll fit in with the others soon I think.

I don't do cards, mainly because I always forget to send them.....which is bad of me, since they are lovely to receive, but then that is me; full of intentions that never make their way out of my head.

If I don't see you again, many Yule greetings to you!

He reminds me a lot of my Danaë stylistically . . . he's really lovely! (I'd love to see the two of them next to each other someday -- dangit, we need to get together and PLAY someday!!

Hope the Toshi-bathing/commencement/holiday stuff goes well!


-- A <3

Congrats on the new boy!

Hope you and the Tosher have a good Christmas!

I do love school A's, but a little understated goes a long way for me. He's a sweet looking lad though. That paleness is fascinating. Congrats. I'm sure if Keahi wasn't out playing with his friends he'd go into his new boy new boy dance.

Kije is fabulous. That's one complicated expression he's got! And I love the slightly over-the-top coloring. This is nuts, but he reminds me of Naoise, beloved of the unfortunate Deirdriu ("of the Sorrows"). White skin, black hair, blue eyes, red lips: poor Deirdriu.

I will look forward to knitted Etsy offerings. Fascinated by 1/3 scale knitting.

He is gorgeous! Femmey, yes. But I kind of love the softly, high color face-up and the dark eyes. Have you tried a lighter wig on him?

Can't wait to see the results of your MSD project!

I like this young man. I too wonder what he would look like next to one of my kids - Alyssa?

We MUST set some time aside to play, catch up, plan for Austin (?) and share. I have the dress done that goes with the green hat. Still need to finish embellishing the coat though. Liv is keeping the dress "warm" for now. I think I'll HAVE to make her one too. She's a bit miffed that I sent the Sooah swap gift off she helped me put together - I have to make her one of those too. Also found a hat source that looks very promising - Feltrope. Still no word from the one DOA lady. I so hope my patience holds out. Give Toshi kisses. Three of my crew get baths this afternoon and Missy Momma goes to the groomers Tuesday. Hugs...

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