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Greetings from the middle of the Midwest blizzard!
Toshi smile
Jimmy (Volks Kanata) says hello, and suggests that people might stop dreaming of a white Christmas now . . . we have plenty, 'kthnxbye.

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I never dream of a white Christmas or even a white Channukah >>;; My tolerance for snow has completely vanished now that I no longer get snowdays lol

Your Kanata is lovely though!

Jimmy is adorable! And a lovely Christmas doll choice! I love those eyes in him.

How's Toshi liking the snow?

You always have such beautiful dolls. He has a lovely faceup - very subtle and understated.

Okay will quit humming *that* song. Merry Chistmas and yeah Jimmy is a sweetie pie.

Hello. I hope you don't mind me asking you this, but I found your page by Googling your name (which is also my name) and Celga. See, I'm Cynthia, and so are you. Recently, Celga sent me a shipping invoice with three URLs I did not recognize. When I asked them about them, they told me that the items belonged to another of their customers also named Cynthia, and that's where the confusion came from. Now, I have a few boxes from Celga that all arrived at the same time, so I'd like to ask you if you could identify these items and tell me what they are, so that I'll know what to look for. If these items aren't yours, then please let me know, and I'm sorry for having bothered you. These are the three items:


These are old links, but I assume that you might keep records about all the items you win, like I do, and therefore might know what they are. Please let me know if that's so.

Hi! I don't mind your asking at all, but those URLs don't belong to any of the auctions I've ever bid on (much less won). I've received all the items from Celga that I did win . . . so I think the mystery Cynthia must be a different one. I hope you and Celga between you can figure out who they belong to! (The good part, though, is that in my experience Celga puts everything in cellophane bags with the original auction URL on the label, so you'll be able to identify those items easily when you unpack your boxes.)

Yeah. I just wanted to know what types of items they were so I wouldn't need to rummage through all my boxes to find a few items, since I do keep some of my items in their boxes for space reasons. Thanks for the quick reply, btw! ^_^

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