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Etsy shop is now open for business!
Thanks to dear fairemma's patience and mad photography skillz, I now have several things listed in my Etsy shop. Sweater dresses for 60cm and 70cm girls, cardigans and pullovers for 60cm girls and boys . . . and there will be more as I finish projects, you bet.

Welcome to Squirrel Moon, and thanks for looking! http://www.etsy.com/shop/pattoncy

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GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations, that's really exciting news.

Gorgeous stuff. Miranda and I have decided that during the winter our dolls must all be wearing Squirrel Moon.

Nevermind that our sweater collections haven't quite grown equal to our resin collections, but hey, it's a goal, no?

I have seen your work and it is awesome!

Love your little shop. The light blue dress is fabulous, just too big {gg}. You will have to tell me about your experience with the Esty shop. Great work as usual. Must get together! Love to Toshi.

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