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Sunday morning blather + a doll picture or two

I need to get myself up and about, since I'm scheduled to do music at church this a.m., but the spirit isn't moving yet. The fact that Toshi threw up his breakfast in two big piles right after eating may be a contributing factor, blech.

News of the World:

  • I have cool classes this semester--though I flummoxed the Women in Japanese Film & Lit crew by starting with Ghost in the Shell on the first night of class, then following up with late Ozu. They're now convinced that I'm certifiable and possibly dangerous, but that's not all bad.
  • Looks like I'm staying with the art department for another year, unless the faculty change their minds while talking to the dean tomorrow afternoon.
  • I spent the first three days of the past week serving on the jury for a criminal trial. Interesting process. Exasperating case full of trashy people doing trashy things to each other. Still, I'm grateful it wasn't something sickening and heartrending.
  • It is a bad, bad, sinful thing that Silver has opened an English-language webshop. I'm just saying.

This is Shigeyuki, a Migidoll Cho on a ver. 2 Demon Garden body. I'm impressed with the DG body for the price--I can't say that it will replace the beloved oldskin SD13 boy body in my affections, but it's great for this delicate Migi head. Note the spiffy double-jointedness of the elbows! Shige's faceup is by ChiyoMiwa, BTW. He'll be pressed into service as a sweater model once I get a few more finished.

Th-th-th-that's all, folks!
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