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Random whining
Sasha Blaze
It is 9:30 on a Saturday morning, and I have been at the office for two hours already. I have one personnel letter done, and I SWEAR I haven't been puttering around online--I really have been working like a demon who's being poked by her infernal supervisor, heh. These letters are infinitely hard to write, because they require such careful wording and delicate tact and . . .

Oh, just shoot me now.

In other news, the Big Box from Celga is in transit, though the USPS isn't coughing up any specific information on where it might be at the moment.

Question for those of you who own wings for your dolls. How do you hide the elastic in photographs? I got Kanbei's wings t'other day ($19.95 from mimiwoo, go me), and the elastic arm loops are defeating me. Even if I sew them together so they aren't too big (which they are right now), they're SO white, and SO visible, and y'all know me: I don't do Photoshop. He may have to be an angel in a long-sleeved black turtleneck, if I can't figure this out.

Edited to say it's now 1:15, and if I can crank out one more of these letters, I'll have finished my quota for the day. Banzai!

There is some big high-school music competition going on today--this entire building has been invaded, and groups keep trying to break into the (locked) department office so they can find a place to warm up. On the positive side, I was just treated to two run-throughs of a very nice male-choir arrangement of Loch Lomond, going on just outside the door. Ah, I remember the days . . .
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Through the magazine--but I always thought (an assumption on my part) that Anu did the faceups for those 30 boys, then shipped X number of them to wherever Karen Caviale stored them and trans-shipped them to US buyers . . . yes? no? maybe?

I'm thoroughly enjoying your detective work on this!! Lyon is honored--

Only about 10% of the dolls for the magazine were painted by Anu. (I was shocked she'd done any. She didn't used to.)

It's a long story, but I was talking to Anu. I told her how nice you were, and how you showed me your pictures of Lyon. I told her you loved your boy and wanted her to know. She was elated! Seriously! She said the Haute was her "happiest doll."

Anu is a joy to say the least...^^ She also told me she kept one for herself....something she's never done before.

Oh, but . . . *blush* . . . how kind of you, to tell Anu that I'm nice, and to pass along the message that I adore my Lyon! So the Hautes are her happiest dolls? I'm not surprised--there's something radiant about Lyon, and I'm sure his brothers are the same way. And I love the thought that she kept one of the Hautes for herself--that makes mine even more special.

And I'll take the 10% odds. ;-) Whether or not Anu did the faceup I'm looking at right now, it has such a special glow and delicacy . . . Anu's thought is there, whether her hand was or not.

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