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3 guys 3
You know, there's something very, very special to me about Classic Volks.

Left to right: Snip (Hiroshima/3rd Chris), Kannai (FCS BW F17), Genta (F28). Faceups by cifr, Ravendolls, and Heavybomb respectively.
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What a gorgeous trio. I'm with you ... much love for classic Volks. When did you get Kannai? Have I seen him before?

Errrrnope . . . I snagged him off DoA v. recently. He was bauhausfrau's dandelion-clock-haired boy--I'm playing with assorted looks for him, but I think he needs something more striking than the everyday combo here. Hum.

I actually really dig that wig and eyes on him. He's quite lovely. Congrats!

I think it's just the monochromatic lineup that got to me . . . actually, I dig that wig and eyes quite a bit, too. But then I often default to dirty-blonde wigs. ;-)

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*squeak!* They're all so lovely!

Hee hee hee . . . I been doin' some collectin', uh-huh.

So, the move-in will be soon, yeah? Yay for both of you!!

I have *five* Volks dolls now and used to hate the dang things. So funny how that works.

Yepyep, we're down to single-syllables - T-Minus Twelve Days. Yay indeed, and thank you!

You and me both. There's something so deeply felt about them. I dunno they seem to connect with me more than some other company sculpts.

And more than the really recent Volks sculpts, too. As darling as the Kanata is, I'm finding that he just won't "come to life" for me (meant in a non-creepy way, of course). *sigh* Whereas Kannai here was fully himself right out of the box.

Banzai!! I really think innovation is great as long as it doesn't mean ignorantly rejecting the good earlier stuff. *historical packrat me*

OMG they are sooooo gorgeous!
I'm mad jealous of your fur wiggie styling also. I'm fighting with one of mine and I'm about to offer it up as a birds nest.

I wish I could remember where I got the wig that Snip is wearing, though I probably bought it secondhand on DoA. It really styles itself, and I'd like to have a bunch more in different colors. Kannai's kooky one is an ooooooooold Customhouse jobbie (remember the NY Style line?), and basically it does whatever the humidity level dictates.

I have the NYstyle fur wig on my El and one on my Bada, I loooove them. My only complaint is they are a little too small for my Reisner, who has just decided he wants to wear fur.
They are my fave furs, though.

Thats why they are the classics. There really is nothing like the old style out there these days.

It's so true. Well, I'm perfectly happy to follow along behind the trends and snatch up other people's discards!

(Deleted comment)
Don't they look like cousins, though? All with the same hair-color genes. ;-)

Special indeed.

They're beautiful, I could look at their faces all day.

Aw, thank you, sweetie! They make me smile every time I look over at them, that's for sure.

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