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Knitting note #2
And it did work! (But plz to be overlooking the flash and stray hairs, plz.)

"Mona's Jacket" by Mags Kandis. Interweave Knits Spring 2010: 93, 99-100. It isn't blocked yet and I need to move one of the snaps, but even at this stage I think we can call the experiment pretty much a success. Next time out, I'll shorten the sleeves by a few rounds--this length looks awkward, I think.

Here's the original: http://www.interweaveknits.com/galleries/bonus/spring-2010/Monas-Jacket.asp

Now, there's one other likely-looking pattern in this issue . . . hmmmm, I'm thinking it might work with laceweight yarn and size 0 needles . . .
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Neat-oh! I'd love to hear more about how you adapt these patterns to dollie size! The possibilities are so tantalizing!

There honestly wasn't any adaptation involved in this one! Eyeballing the stitch counts (cast on 58 stitches for a top-down raglan yoke . . . 42 stitches across the back . . . eventually the sleeves are 32 stitches), I thought, hmmm, those are really close to the stitch counts for my favorite sock-yarn BJD sweaters. So I just followed the pattern for the smallest size, but went down to needles and yarn 1/3 the size of those called for in the pattern (US size 2 and lightweight sock yarn). When I ran into length measurements--such as "knit 3 inches in pattern before next increase row"--I divided those by three, too, and kept checking the piece against a doll.

Really, most bulky-weight "Twinkle-style" or even Lopi sweater patterns will translate directly to doll scale without any fiddling except the change in needle and yarn thickness. *happydance*

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