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Knitting note #2
And it did work! (But plz to be overlooking the flash and stray hairs, plz.)

"Mona's Jacket" by Mags Kandis. Interweave Knits Spring 2010: 93, 99-100. It isn't blocked yet and I need to move one of the snaps, but even at this stage I think we can call the experiment pretty much a success. Next time out, I'll shorten the sleeves by a few rounds--this length looks awkward, I think.

Here's the original: http://www.interweaveknits.com/galleries/bonus/spring-2010/Monas-Jacket.asp

Now, there's one other likely-looking pattern in this issue . . . hmmmm, I'm thinking it might work with laceweight yarn and size 0 needles . . .
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Wow, I love that! The colors are great and the design is adorable. You make me want to learn to knit!

This one is SO doable--I'm trying to convince my secretary to knit one of these sweaters (in human size) for her first big project. ;-) And #2 in doll size is in progress; I wanted to get closer to the effect of the original, without all the colors in the yarn hiding the texture. So far, I like it!

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