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State of the sedens

Eh. Really not much to report. Midterm grades are due on Tuesday, I have a difficult faculty situation to handle ASAP, I'm trying to keep the Phi Kappa Phi honor society afloat on campus because nobody else will, and I've said yes to one too many bassoon-playing gigs this semester (the latest involving rehearsals EVERY DAY at 2 p.m., which is of course untenable for anybody who isn't actually in the Music department. Serves me right for assuming that the opera rehearsals would be rolled into regular orchestra rehearsals on Monday nights). Gotta say, I feel just a bit as if I'm not waving but drowning. Spring break is on the horizon, though, so maybe I'll be able to catch up on something then.

But, thanks to a bunch of long meetings over the past few weeks, I should have an Etsy shop update either this week or next. There will be sweaters for MSD, SD10 boy, ShinyDoll/Souldoll/Obitsu girl, and (as they say) MORE! No Dollshe things yet, but I have ideas in the works.

In the e. e. cummings department--Just- spring, y'know--I see a splodge of purple in the backyard, thanks to the one lonely clump of crocuses that survived my attempt to naturalize bulbs several years ago. (100 crocus bulbs. A silver-dollar-sized blister on the palm of my right hand from pushing on the bulb planter. Five minutes after I finished the job, I looked out and saw a squirrel methodically digging up EVERY SINGLE BULB. Well, okay, the squirrel missed one. Points: Nature 99, sedens 1.)

And there's a shipping notice from Iplehouse in my inbox. Some people get Soomed . . . I got Ipled. *har har har* *gulp* Ve shall soon see whether my experimental EID Model sweater is likely to fit.
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