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Well, I suppose I was bound to have a transaction like this sooner or later.

I bought one of Ospirit's relatively recent outfits on eBay--closing price $175. She only offered regular airmail shipping in the eBay checkout options, though I would have gladly paid for EMS or at least registered airmail (and in hindsight, I should have asked her about those possibilities). I paid on February 1, Ospirit shipped the package on February 3, and by now it's pretty clearly vanished in transit. Here's the response I received from her:

Very unfortunately, I guess that the parcel was really lost because it has not been returned to me...and there is no way to track it and no insurance...

Honestly speaking, I could not return the money because of my financial condition and shipping policy...and all I can provide for you now is one free registered airmail shipping for next auction if you still bid on my auction.

I deeply appreciate your bidding on my auctions for many years and really feel sorry for being unable to provide you with full refund or making a same/similar outfit for free. After my financial condition improves a lot, I would like to consider some options for you surely such as special discount and etc (I will never forget this very unfortunate case...)

I appreciate your understanding.

We are not amused. Can I absorb the loss? In the grand scheme of things, sure I can. But is this an appropriate response to a loyal customer?

Actually, that isn't a rhetorical question. Tell me the truth, gang: am I being unreasonable when I think that this is an inadequate way for Ospirit to handle the bad-luck situation? There are some work-related things going on right now that I know are making me less patient and understanding than I would like to be, and it's entirely possible that I'm importing those feelings into non-work life.
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