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Resolution ho!

Big hugs to all of you for the encouragement and good advice! Before I could decide on exactly what my next step would be, Ospirit rethought her position, and this morning I found the following message in my eBay inbox:

I carefully read your messages and understood the official eBay shipping information caused some misunderstanding. Ebay shipping information does not provide suitable choices for international sellers and much worse, sellers have to enter an amount (any amount) for shipping to list up items (very bad system) and so, I had to/have to/will have to write detailed shipping policies in each of my auctions. Although this sort of shipping problem has never happened until now according to the above-mentioned way with descriptions of my auction page, I understand that the very bad ebay system did cause the problem this time. So, taking the conditions and the cost I had to pay such as material fees and ebay fees (excluding fees related to my job such as working hours and skills) into my consideration, I would like to refund the half of the amount you bid, 92 USD (item price + your shipping fee). Could you accept it? If you could accept it, I will immediately refund the amount via PayPal.

I really appreciate you like my outfits and purchased a lot over a couple of years, and surely, it would be grateful if we could happily transact from now on as well :-)

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Perfect? No. Good enough? Yes.

I'll be interested to see whether she revises the default shipping info in her auction listings, which seems like a crucial point to me.

In non-financial news, yesterday I had a very good conversation with the faculty member I was worried about--I think we have a plan in place to address the problems that have been coming up lately. Keep your fingers crossed!
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