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I can has scream now?
My local post office has LOST an EMS package. A pair of custom-made Silver eyes. The post office scanned in the package on arrival from the sorting hub early yesterday morning, and then . . .

. . . well, gee whiz, the postmaster just doesn't have any notion where it went. First he asked me whether I was sure I didn't get a delivery-notice slip in my mailbox yesterday; then he reversed himself and said that the carrier didn't have any express package when he delivered my route yesterday.

And then the postmaster told me--wait for it--that there was no way for him to know what address the package with the tracking number I gave him was supposed to be delivered to.

Yes, I know. But it gets worse.

Then the postmaster (THE POSTMASTER, for God's sweet sake!) started asking me how I got the tracking number and tracking information I had handed to him. I told him twice that the seller gave me the tracking number, and I used USPS's online tracking. This seemed to baffle him, because he asked again whether I was expecting a package from Japan.

YES, Mr. Moron Political Appointee. I was expecting THAT package from Japan. Which YOUR PEOPLE LOST.

Clearly, my international commerce is hexed at the moment. 'Scuse me while I research de-hexing procedures. Because the big Iplehouse box has left the Topeka sorting hub, and if the post office loses that one . . .

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Why does this happen? And the worst part of it is having unhelpful people trying to 'help.'

This is REALLY weird, because until just the past month, my post office has always been great. This is a pretty small town, and my international packages get special attention from the main sorting clerk, because he's entertained by the idea of my doll collecting.

The postmaster, however, is a boob. I've known this for some time, but I keep hoping he'll figure things out . . .

Oh, for FUCK'S SAKE!!!! D:

I hope they turn up, hon -- what a mess!


-- A (glad that Ospirit is at least willing to bend from her original position, so that you're not out the FULL amount . . . still, ugh!)

TOTAL UGH. It's amazing, how petty stuff like this can eat up your time and attention.

**hugs back**

Oh NO! I"m so sorry Cynthia.........it's been a rough week, huh? Hopefully it will still turn up somehow. I don't see how there is anyway way they can loose the Iplehouse box..................if they do, they really have some MAJOR problems there at your PO, that box is huge. (Please share pics of him when he arrives, I am kinda kicking myself for not going for it after seeing all the gorgeous Tedros' arriving at their new homes.)

Hee! Well, tracking this a.m. says that the box is in town, so I think I'll be waiting at the post office when they open, to take delivery before the carrier goes out. Unless the Package Gremlin struck before he could get his hands on it, Rick (the adorable sorting clerk) will have it spotted, I'm sure--he's usually ready to sing out "There's a big one for you!" when he sees me walk through the door.

(Deleted comment)
I had a quiet talk with Rick on my last trip to the post office--he's the one who scanned the package on arrival, but after he put it in the cabinet where express packages sit until the carriers take them out for delivery, he never saw it again. *Somebody* picked it up and went off with it, but the problem is figuring out who that was . . . I can't climb over the front desk and start interrogating people, though I wish I could.

nDoll Aki, eh? Going off to look!!! And Sejong asks what's wrong with looking condescending and snooty, then?

Can the seller scan whatever shipping paperwork they have and e-mail that to you to print out for the idiots who work at the USPS?

Seriously, I still can't believe the people working there still don't know that a customs number is trackable too. Unbelievable they have let go of so many people and the ones that are left....

I had an international package go missing for a year. I was so shocked when it turned up. So there is hope...

Xing fingers that your package is sitting in a carrier's jeep and will turn up tomorrow.

I think I'm going to have to ask Silver to scan the paperwork--that's a great idea!

And the idiocy is pretty much limited to the highest and lowest levels of my post office, I think; the postmaster knows nothing (shades of Col. Klink), and now I'm having doubts about whoever they've hired recently to unload the trucks. The middle-rank people (except for one loony tune) are really on top of things . . . but they can't do every job that has to be done.

USPS is definitely suffering right now, probably because they aren't making enough money to keep themselves afloat, and they're having to cut corners because of it. They've lost TWO packages I've shipped in the last two months - one of which was a MASSIVE Soom box with a Super Gem body in it. =_= I'm still waiting on the insurance claim, which is "pending." It's sad - I've only had two things before this go missing, in all the years I've used them, and both were international shipments coming to me, not going out.

YARGH. A huge Soom box? This makes my stomach hurt.

Sorry to hear you are having such difficulties. I've had similar discussions with my post office. WTF.

*sniffling sympathetically*

Do you also think it's getting worse at your local post office? I'm really shocked by the problems I've been having lately--they're so uncharacteristic for what has always been a really good operation.

The USPS has definitely deteriorated the last several months. I mean, I appreciate that they handle millions of pieces of mail daily, but it seems like most of the postal workers have absolutely no idea what they're doing and they really don't give a damn about service or efficiency. I hope the package turns up soon!

And about that Iplehouse box ... did it arrive or do you expect it tomorrow morning? I want details woman! And pictures!

Weeeeeeell, USPS tracking says it's in town this morning--so I'm going to try to snatch it before the carrier goes out on his route. If I don't manage that, I'll have to go in tomorrow morning to pick it up (unless I happen to be at home for lunch when the carrier comes by my house).

There will be details! And pictures! :-)

Seriously? Damn you have had some bad PO luck lately. I think Ospirit was way off base not mailing you something else.
And that postmaster?? WTH? Tracking numbers are even sent with Amazon orders these days.
I sure hope it all works out and your stuff get found!

Errrrryeah. This is the same postmaster who once informed me that delivery confirmation was not available with First-Class parcels. The clerks just rolled their eyes and made signals to me behind his back, because of course I knew as well as they did that he was wrong. But not knowing about EMS tracking online? That's a new low, even for him.

(Deleted comment)
I am definitely beginning to think so! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

How'd you get the tracking no./info? Really postmaster? That has got to be one of the dumbest thing I've heard coming from a PO worker. It sounds like they're feigning innocence as to its whereabouts.

P.S. Hope you don't mind me adding you, I'm Hydra Kitten of DoA ;)

Hay, Hydra Kitten! Welcome aboard--glad to have you on the flist!

Isn't that amazing? But this postmaster is a joke; I've never gotten correct information from him, and the clerks (who are good) are doing what they can to help me. The next step is to call the national USPS complaint line, which of course the postmaster didn't tell me--one of the clerks did. Apparently the postmaster is supposed to report all problems like this to the national headquarters, but . . . guess what? He never does unless he's forced to by a customer complaint.

Awesome possum. Add meh please! 8D

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