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I can has scream now?

My local post office has LOST an EMS package. A pair of custom-made Silver eyes. The post office scanned in the package on arrival from the sorting hub early yesterday morning, and then . . .

. . . well, gee whiz, the postmaster just doesn't have any notion where it went. First he asked me whether I was sure I didn't get a delivery-notice slip in my mailbox yesterday; then he reversed himself and said that the carrier didn't have any express package when he delivered my route yesterday.

And then the postmaster told me--wait for it--that there was no way for him to know what address the package with the tracking number I gave him was supposed to be delivered to.

Yes, I know. But it gets worse.

Then the postmaster (THE POSTMASTER, for God's sweet sake!) started asking me how I got the tracking number and tracking information I had handed to him. I told him twice that the seller gave me the tracking number, and I used USPS's online tracking. This seemed to baffle him, because he asked again whether I was expecting a package from Japan.

YES, Mr. Moron Political Appointee. I was expecting THAT package from Japan. Which YOUR PEOPLE LOST.

Clearly, my international commerce is hexed at the moment. 'Scuse me while I research de-hexing procedures. Because the big Iplehouse box has left the Topeka sorting hub, and if the post office loses that one . . .
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