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Etsy shop update!

Since photo mojo seems to have deserted me for the moment, I prevailed upon fairemma to do the shop pictures for me. Go admire her camera skillz!

In other news:

  • The Silver eyes package is still lost, and the postmaster is still shrugging and grinning about it, but I now have searches underway both through USPS headquarters and through Japan Post, with Silver's help. The package may or may not turn up, but at least the postmaster will have to answer to higher authorities. *nods*

  • I have a spectacular new doll-sized quilt, thanks to nagasvoice and grammom! Pictures will come, oh, yes.

  • The huge Iple box did not go astray. I'm still fussing with wig and eye choices for the Big Guy, but he'll make his LJ debut soon.

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