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Nothing new here, not that there aren't fresh dolls waiting for camera time . . .
But, you know, I really like this picture from last October. Don't know why I never posted it (or if I did, pretend you don't remember, 'kthnxbye). Trouble (Volks Lucas 1st) with his then-brand-new faceup by cifr and a recent Volks outfit:

BTW, my Place of Employment's women's b'ball team is playing for the Div. II championship even as we speak. I'm probably jinxing them by posting this, though. ;-)

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He's so gorgeous! And that wig is perfection on him! *sigh*

Won't say nuthin' about the b'ball team, at risk of jinxing them.

They just won by 12 points!!! First national championship in school history. Wear that sweatshirt with PRIDE, already!

That's the SwD Syo default wig, by the way . . . love it muchly, but it hung around here for ages before the right doll came along.

Yay team!

I've been hunting for one of those wigs for ages. It really is awesome, and so perfect for your pretty guy!

(Deleted comment)
Hee! Yup, that expression is deceptive, but he's also Trouble because it was such a PITA to get him home. . . . After I committed to buying him and asked for a Paypal ID from the DoA seller, she started trying to make me "bid" against what she claimed was another buyer who had PMmed her after me. Yadda yadda yadda. All ended happily, but sheesh.

Major woot for Div II winners!!!! It's so cool that *women's* b'ball is the big sport here. The team averages 3000 fans at home games.

I love the Lucas sculpt so much... and that family too for that matter. That's a great wig, I likey!

Congrats, to the the Div.II winners :)


Heeeeeey, it's velvet!! Welcome aboard--I'm glad to have you on the flist!

Hehe, thank you for adding me, Cynthia! :)))

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