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What size eyes does . . .
Toshi smile
. . . Unoss Seina take? Does the sanding-off of the molded eyelashes make a difference in the size of the eye socket?

I gots me a reason for wanting to know. ;-)

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Pretty sure when I had her I used 16mm, and her molded lashes had already been sanded off.

Whoopee!! I had been guessing 18mm, just because of the huge look of the eye sockets in most of the pictures I've seen, but I'm much better-stocked with pretty 16mms already.

16mm is the maximum she will take without further bevelling. I don't think the molded eyelashes affects that, although mine where already sanded off when I got mine (which was since sold again).

Aha, thanks! I do have an 18mm beveller, so if need be I can fiddle with the inside eyewells.

Love Unoss Seina! 16mm for either molded eyelashes or sanded off. Sometimes I use 14mm. I find 18mm too big.
I'm intrigued........

I've had a secret thing for Unoss since . . . oh, pretty early on. And my federal tax refund was burning a hole in my bank account--some of that money just HAD to be spent, sheesh! ;-)

I'm really excited about this girl--I've never wanted a Unoa girl because minis aren't my favorites. But a giant Unoa? Now you're talking.

Have we been a bad tigger?

Are there pictures?

Hee hee hee hee! We have been a very bad tigger. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, funfunfunfunfun.

No pictures yet, because she's coming in pieces from two different people, and will be blank until I can arrange a faceup. But the body ought to be landing this week!

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