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Inbound out of customs!
Sasha Blaze
As of 8 a.m. today, the Big Box was standing in line to check in for its flight to Kansas City. I'm thinking it should arrive here on Tuesday, though tomorrow isn't *impossible*. Eeep! I'm going to see Feral Boy's head in person, at last!

Also, re my 14.6 (14.6) hours of office time this weekend: to quote what Sir Edmund Hillary is supposed to have gasped when he reached the top of Mt. Everest, DONE the old bitch.

To celebrate, my wicked little demigod Shunshou:

Princess Claudine waves to her adoring subjects:

Simon Elias, generous boy that he is, offers candy and hopes it makes things all better:

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Simon Elias is such a cutie!

I know, and I feel such guilt that I can't think of anything to DO with him in the way of new pictures . . . he may need a new home later this year, where he'll get more playtime and love. Must reflect on this.

The Empress of Everything waves back to Her Maj Claudine... ^_^

Shunshou is such a cutie, so is Simon Elias. ^_^

If we got Leeda and Claudine together, the balance of the world would be in serious jeopardy, you know?

And Shunshou is the funniest thing--so much fun to play with! I don't feel the same guilt over him that I do over Simon . . . I guess I'm just not a little-kid person . . .

Thanks, Cynthia!
I love Claudine and Simon Elias so much. ^^ Simon Elias is just so sweet. Bringing sweets of her majesty Claudine? :O

Oh, HEAVENS, no--Simon isn't convinced that Claudine deserves all the goodies she gets. ;-) She would have to be polite and ask nicely, because good manners matter to him.

Oh they're all so marvelous. Simon Elias is a charmer!

But so melancholy . . . *guiltguiltguiltguilt*

Thank you! Simon is agitating for a little sister to play with; I'm afraid to let him see your pictures of AleX, hee.

Hmmmm, well Keahi really loves having AleX around, though Shan ends up doing the parenting.

Yes your kids seem melancholy. Angsty even. You need to take them out on a picnic!

Claudia is so sweet, Simon can hand me Candy anytime - what a cutie.
Shunshou is gorgeous just love Bel!
Yeah big package arrival.... its very exciting

The Unoa boys are SO cool--I haven't quite fallen into the depths of the Unoa girl abyss, but I keep inching closer to the edge. ;-)

I need to get both of the little guys & Claudine out and change their clothes--I've been spending so much time with the big fellas that these three are getting bored. *sigh* It's hard, being in charge of a big household.

simon simon simon!!

ooo congrats ont he box arrivals omg! exciting!!!!!!!!!

Oh, shoosh, or I'll send him to you and he'll have to sit on Iliana's lap forever, and cut into her social life. ;-)

And because of silly exms I ahve been missing all the hot boys updates. :P

Awwwwww! The only good thing about exams is that they DO end . . .

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