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Dolly changes . . . some beauties for sale, anybody interested?
First of all, thank you to everybody for the birthday wishes (and the virtual tulips, veltwi)!! It was . . . well, it was the last week of the semester, and so birthdaying was just about the furthest thing from my mind or schedule. I appreciate the kind wishes twice over, because you all reminded me that there are important things besides work!

Before I dive back into the heavy grading (term papers from the Japanese film & literature class, and I just hope I don't run across the amount of plagiarism that I encountered in the last papers from my World Lit survey), I find myself needing to clear some mental and physical dolly space. I'm still deliberating over a couple of the boys, but I have to admit to myself that there are three ETA: now two girls who really should find new homes. I've listed them on the BJDfs yahoogroup, but if anybody on the flist is interested, just let me know.

ShinyDoll Youki on Thaasa II body: $600 shipped in the US (Priority insured), $625 shipped worldwide (EMS). The Youki head is no longer available from ShinyDoll; the faceup was done by Korisanzu, who's out of the hobby now. In the pictures, she is wearing a Volks wig (blonde) and a Luts wig (brown/silver), Ginarolo Special glass eyes (teal), and DropRops urethane eyes (Cream/Fog Blue gradation); if you'd like any of them, we can negotiate.

Customhouse Unique Ai, Happy Wedding Miya: $425 shipped in the US, $450 worldwide. Faceup by Rolling Pumpkin, white skin, new-style CH body. She comes with her default blue glass eyes (the high-quality paperweights with orange stems that CH used to put in their Uniques), light-brown default wig, and full default outfit: white boots and ribbon-trimmed stockings, short ballerina-style strapless dress with underskirt, detachable tulle train with appliqued flowers, pearl-trimmed choker, and elaborate flowered hair comb.

To give you an idea of how she can look in a different wig and eyes:

SOLD Dollstown Yeondu orientalskin, 13G body.

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Pretty dolls! Good luck with the sales. If my space wasn't so limited I'd be extremely tempted.

But not to take up your sales thread with a comment, Happy Birthday! I didn't know and feel bad now about being late and not sending a card. Hope there's at least one really good term paper in there to read!

Oh, ptooey! No need for cards--I pretty much gave up on birthdays when I was 21 and had two final exams on my b'day. I could tell then that my birthday would always fall at the absolute worst time of the academic year. ;-)

I really do hope the Miya can find a good home. She is so pretty, and the outfit is to die for. I can't figure out what's not clicking for me about her (unless it's just that Claudine, my Sia, puts bad juju on any other CH girl who enters the house.)

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