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Y!J picks (homage to celticgeekess!)
celticgeekess, I've always loved your Y!J picks, so I'll take the baton and offer a few auctions that I think are worth clicking to see. All clothes this time:

Opera Garden's latest SD/SD13 girl outfit. Price: 126,000 yen with a full day left on the auction. Guess I'll have to wait for the discount-store knockoff version.

Very Ophelia-esque, this gauzy outfit. But I don't think I understand the ankle thingies.

What on earth is Ajumapama up to with these shoe/sock auctions (there are others, too)? They fascinate me strangely.

SD girl outfit by privateprincess. The hat cracks me up--it's like a cross between a cake frill and the caps that cake shop staff wear in anime. And then there's the apron. Cake is much more the theme here than "a walk by the seaside."

And because the privateprincess outfit makes me feel like bursting into French song, I will. This is one of Faure's chansons, I'm pretty sure. I remember it from college--I know I have a copy somewhere in my ancient accompanying notebooks, but which closet are those in? Probably full of mistakes, but this is what I think I remember of the text:

Le long du quai, les grands vaisseaux
Que la houle incline en silence
Ne prennent pas garde aux berceaux
Que les mains de femmes balancent.

Mais viendra le jour des adieux,
Car il faut que les femmes pleurent.

* * * * * memory fails * * * * *

Sentent leur masse retenue
Par l'ame des lointains berceaux.

Grading now.
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Aha! Link fixed now--thank you!!

I would say that the Ajumapama froufrou socks & shoes are definitely meant to show under shorter skirts--but it's hard to imagine an outfit that wouldn't do battle with them, isn't it? *scratching head*

(Deleted comment)
I am so clueless . . . what's goth about those anklet things? Or is that a profoundly silly question that can only be answered "they just ARE"?

(Deleted comment)
Ahhhhhhh, thank you! I knew I had to be missing something obvious--I think it was the froofy color and lack of functionality that threw me off. Well, the hint of kink does go with the whole ghostly-drowned-maiden vibe of the outfit!

There's a bakery here where the staff wears little green berets. XD

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