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Please say konnichiwa to Yoko Sheridan . . . this is just a placeholder picture, because I couldn't wait for daylight!

Yoko is, of course, a Volks SD10 Nono. Her faceup (PRETTIEST.NONO.EVAR., with apologies to all the beautiful Nonos on the flist) is by Jme/At the Faireground. And I could use some help decoding her headplate, so please gather 'round, knowledgeable Volks peeps:

05, 01 = January 2005
RE = ???? What does "RE" mean on a Volks headplate?

BTW, Yoko is named after a very, very bad girl in one of Shimizu Hiroshi's silent films, Japanese Girls at the Harbor. I just like the sound of it--no personality traits are implied!

In other news, final grades are DONE. Now, it's just a matter of waiting by the computer and phone to deal with complaints, hysteria, accusations, etc.. It's been one of *those* semesters, and while my own students (including the two--count 'em, TWO--plagiarizers) seem to be bowing out gracefully, the Art Department students are . . . well . . . not. Y'all are welcome to remind me that I quit being a department chair once because I was sick of this stuff.
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