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Please say konnichiwa to Yoko Sheridan . . . this is just a placeholder picture, because I couldn't wait for daylight!

Yoko is, of course, a Volks SD10 Nono. Her faceup (PRETTIEST.NONO.EVAR., with apologies to all the beautiful Nonos on the flist) is by Jme/At the Faireground. And I could use some help decoding her headplate, so please gather 'round, knowledgeable Volks peeps:

05, 01 = January 2005
RE = ???? What does "RE" mean on a Volks headplate?

BTW, Yoko is named after a very, very bad girl in one of Shimizu Hiroshi's silent films, Japanese Girls at the Harbor. I just like the sound of it--no personality traits are implied!

In other news, final grades are DONE. Now, it's just a matter of waiting by the computer and phone to deal with complaints, hysteria, accusations, etc.. It's been one of *those* semesters, and while my own students (including the two--count 'em, TWO--plagiarizers) seem to be bowing out gracefully, the Art Department students are . . . well . . . not. Y'all are welcome to remind me that I quit being a department chair once because I was sick of this stuff.

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Ohhhh. She IS the Prettiest.Nono.Evar!!! Love her little face! Congrats!

And congrats on the end of the semester. Can you take a little break now?

I'm sneaking away from the office in the afternoons, but there's still enough garbage to fill up the mornings . . . *sigh*. But it's so blissfully quiet around the office--that's a treat.

The Package of Unoss Delight is here, thank you!!! Now, if the head would just get home from the faceup artist. *tapping fingers impatiently*

She's so cute! If I keep seeing these Volks girls I'm going to want one.

Does the RE stand for Renewal, maybe?

You are so right about the RE . . . and yup, Volks girls are dangerous that way. hee hee hee hee!

She's very lovely, congrats! RE stands for Renewal, she's a renewed version made in January 05.

Aha!! I knew about the 2008 Renewal version of Nono, but somehow I missed knowing anything about the '05 one. Yay, thank you--one more tidbit to add to my Volks Glossary!

Oh, the 2008 Renewal was just for the makeup change; all standards will have a RE on their headplate. My standards have a 2002, 2004 and 2007 RE headplates. The very first standards who came out with a headplate (the new makeup versions) started out with RE headplates and to my knowledge it hasn't changed yet. Hope this helps!

Now, that *is* interesting--I knew that the original standards didn't have headplates, but, come to think of it, I don't actually have any other post-2001 standards to compare with this one! FCS, yes; limiteds, yes; ooooooold standards, sure; but I'm strangely devoid of new-makeup (or later) standards. Go figure . . .

She is very sweet!
She looks like she will fit right in. And amused that you couldn't wait to take photos.

Do you think the internet is leading to more plagiarizing going on? Or maybe just seeing more of it happening because people post about it on-line. There was that girl who won a Scholastic art award for artwork she stole from someone on-line and I'm sure you know about that Harvard guy...at least his parents stopped that scam when they found out.

Oh, I do think the internet is making plagiarizing easier . . . but it's also making plagiarizing easier to catch. Two minutes with Google, ka-pow. (Now, if I taught at a place where cheating-prone students could afford to buy custom-written papers, the situation would be different, but ours are both stupid AND poor. They copy and paste the free stuff that's easy to find--none of this $12.95/page outlay for them.)

I AGREE!! She's probably the prettiest Nono I've ever seen too!! ♥

I fell all over myself to PM when I saw Jme's sales thread! Back to the classic BJDs for me . . . my collection is really starting to look like 2003 all over again, with a few lovely exceptions.

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